Barkeeper-Drucker! Ekkos Called Shot und Parralel Convergence! Geheimniswahrer! Kahiri! pog pog pog pog Ich streame auf einem Laufband, weil ich an meinem Körper arbeiten muss. LoR-Deck-Code: CMCQCAIEAIAQMBYFAEDQICIDAQDRKHCTAQCAIAIEA4FQGAIEAQGACBYHCIBAMBAUFABACBAHAEAQMBBK 4FQGAIEAQGACBYHCIBAMBAUFABACBAHAEAQMBBK Twitch: https://www.twitch. tv/liberty1844/ Discord: Twitter: Merch: Kapitel: 0:00 Spiel 1 gegen Swain Caitlyn 10:35 Spiel 2 gegen Shyvana Warmother’s 20:10 Spiel 3 gegen Bard Norra 29:21 Spiel 4 gegen Jhin Teemo

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15 Gedanken zu „ALLE MEME IN EINEM DECK | Ekko LoR Deck | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. By the way, when you're dealing with puffcaps, chimes, etc. When you predict, you can right click the cards and it WILL tell you if there's anything attached so you can choose the right card to guarantee you're safe.

  2. I was literally about to suggest you a deck similar to that! It's a Kahiri/Ekko deck that concentrates on rallying multiple times a round, predicting kahiri and discounting him. If you want to give it a look (and maybe improving it) it would be really appreciated <3
    Deck code:

  3. as ekko meme conniseur I beg of you to mind the attack order, chronobreak bring back stuff in order of their death, bringing back multiple khahiris from double chornobreak should be by design not randomness 😀

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