In Episode 6 des Runeterra-Podcasts sprechen Snnuy und Marshall über die bevorstehende Rotation für Legends of Runeterra im März. Es handelt sich eher um eine Füllepisode, da es in Patch 5.0 (fast) keine Balanceänderungen gab. Seien Sie alle 4 Wochen in diesem neuen Podcast dabei, in dem wir besprechen, wie sich die neuen Änderungen auf die Meta in Legends of Runeterra ausgewirkt und diese verändert haben. Schicksalsreise: Jenseits – Rotation ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ★ Zeitstempel 00:00 Einführung 01:15 Die neue Erweiterung 14:12 Rückblick vorherige Erweiterungen 31:45 Beste Decks 55:28 Herausragende Karten 1:19:30 Kosmetik 1:31:06 Anmeldefehler 1:33:40 Kalender ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Spotify ★—Everything-about-Rotation-e2e713v ★ Sonniger: Twitch ★ https: // Twitter ★ Discord ★ TikTok ★ ● Mehr Marshall : Twitter ● Twitch ● Youtube ● LoR-Bericht ● #lor #LegendsofRuneterra #Snnuy

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21 Gedanken zu „Alles über Rotation im Jahr 2024 Theorycraft – Der Runeterra-Podcast“
  1. I was thinking they should create another game mode that’s exactly like Standard mode. That has all the other champions in it. But have the champs that are in Standard out of it. Two different modes that have different rotations.

  2. Yeah they removed the nocturne followers because most of them were aggro followers and they specifically said that they didn’t want shadow isles to be an aggro region. The dumb part was keeping nocturne in the game. Kennen also lost his entire follower package

  3. Guardians could still be included just with battle passes. The problem is honestly, I don't like most of them. I mostly just stick the puffcap pup and it's variations. The style of the guardians are largely unappealing to me. They needed vary the styles up more.

  4. I would much rather see yone than yasuo rework tbh. I think vex is a pretty boring champion for LoR. Kled and corki seem like they have a lot more potential to be interesting. Corki also desperately needs some lore

  5. Time bombs aren't really that great though to be toxic, sure they're fun, but they only deal 1 damage, and aren't a skill or spell that can have it's damaged increased. So if the enemy has tough units or regeneration, 70% or your deck is now completely impudent.

  6. Notcurne could just be reworked slightly. They did buff him at one point, but fearsome is ultimately a bit of limp keyword its easy to play around, or they can burst attack and then block. I think a fearsome based Champion should have something special like, makes fearsome units unblockable by creatures with equal or less power than the attacking unit. There, then he'd be good.

  7. i refuse to accept that they CANT make more boards or more companions. Surely riot with all their money and all their designers can make a fuckin static image of a board, atm i dont think there is a board in LoR that fits for shyvana or elderdragon at all if there was id have bought it instantly. That announcement honestly kills my desire to play, ive seen this before in games. They stop making skins/cosmetic content is a sign of the end times for a game if its doing well and they care about the game they would be adding MORE cosmetics not removing them entirely.

  8. I don't wanna be that guy. But as negative/harsh as it sounds; Needing rotations, imo, is a sign of bad design. A good designer can bring the league champion to life in LoR, a great one can do so whilst thinking of its long-term effects in the game.

    To me, only fulfilling half of those criteria is lazy. Imagine if other products were designed without a thought of longevity. (Except those cases where products are shipped flawed purposefully so that customers will have to return later on for a new one/repairs. I.e. the lightbulb or even iPhones.)

    Would people buy more boards / skins etc. if they knew their "theme" wouldn't be rotated next year? Imagine all the champions with coven skins rotated next time around, but the board stayed around. Now you have a board that matches nothing. Does having the rotations end up hurting sales? I, personally, think so. Leading to cut costs, leading to less resources for the team.

    You could argue however, that LoR isn't here to make money, but rather to pave the way for the MMO and its lore. It's an investment.

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