DAS IST DAS BESTE MONO-FIORA-DECK??!!🔥 | Fiora-Deck | Legends of Runeterra DECK CODE : CQCQCAYABYAQKAAUAECQOFQCAEAASLICAQDUY3IFAEBAAAIBAUFIEAIBAYDSIAYBAAGRUIADAQDRYO3ZAEAQMBZA DECK LINK : https://runeterra.ar/decks/code/CQCQCAYABYAQKAAUAECQOFQCAEAASLICAQDUY3IFAEBAAAIBAUFIEAIBAYDSIAYBAAGRUIADAQDRYO3ZAEAQMBZA DONATE : – https://saweria.co/nagamasa29 SOCIAL MEDIA : – Instagram = https://www.instagram.com /dvs_nagamasa/ HINWEIS: – Abonnieren Sie, wenn Ihnen meine Inhalte gefallen KAPITEL 00:00 Intro 00:44 Spiel 1 06:53 Spiel 2 12:02 Spiel 3 #legendsofruneterra #lor #lordeck #lorind #games #legend #fyp #op #metadeck #gameplay #fiora #riotgames

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7 Gedanken zu „DAS IST DAS BESTE MONO-FIORA-DECK??!!🔥 | Fiora-Deck | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. Fiora is such a cool champ! I even commented a while ago on another Fiora deck you played if you could make a Fiora only deck because I love the tension as the opponent tries to throw everything at her to stop her. This is great!

  2. Ok hear me out.

    The Emperors Deck has 15 Cards.
    Soo what Deck is good with 15 cards left?
    Right Deep. XD.
    Lets go and Play Azir Nautilus and copy that seamonsters into the emperor Deck to screw you even more if u ever are able to countdown sundisc. XD

  3. i think it'd be even better if you use swinging glaive on fiora and use the lucky finds to buff her, and use the spell that gives spellshield once you equipped, another great video!

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