Senden Sie Ihre Wiederholungen an Falconpaladin unter gmail dot com mit dem Betreff Brood War! #StarCraft #StarCraftRemastered #broodwar 00:00 Falcon wacht auf! 8:27 Falcon sagt Hallo! 11:50 3v3 FME Nibbler 26:16 Dewalt vs RoyaL TvP auf Blitz Y 45:20 2v2 FME PJ 1:16:20 Inselkarte FFA lex lilfishboy Slickyfats GallOns KillerWolves Phil 2:01:43 Free vs Shine auf Neo Dark Origin PvZ 2 :18:53 Gypsy vs Barcode TvZ auf Polypoid 2:37:45 FFA SaviorSword auf Fighting Spirit 3:17:32 Old Phantom ToyCop DeadInfested Realultra Psychonuts HelloFriends SaviorSword Toma Xtv 3:49:06 New Phantom #1 Version Connor Rusalov Lilfishboy Lucky_owl Bigwan kokomi Striker 4:09:00 New Phantom #2 Juliberto Hamster Potato Bigwan JohnDoe GallOns Lucky_owl Xtv 4:27:00 4v4 FME 5:00:00 Random Unit Wars 2.0 JohnDoe Striker DeadInfested Connor GallOns RJB Jerico kokomi

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8 Gedanken zu „Dewalt! Frei! Königlich! Knabber! Scheinen! Phantommodus! FFA! Mehr! – StarCraft – Brood War – 2024“
  1. My stupid work made me work so I didn't get to see the FFA even tho I had 80 euros that said Kokomi^^ would get 6th place or better. so now I'm really stoked to watch it a handful of hours later!!

  2. Concerning the question about Zerg lifespans:

    Zerg as lifeforms should not expire of old age due to the nature of their cellular structure and DNA; in that sense they should be immortal. On a sidenote, Cerebrates were immortal as well as 'unkillable' back in the days of the Overmind, as they could be killed by conventional means and reincarnate without harm – except if slewn with Void energies, such as Dark Templars' Warp Blades.

    But yes, it is true that most Zerg lifeforms die relatively quickly. A point could be made that the hero-type units as seen in the campaigns could be theoretically veterans of various combat encounters (e.g. Hydralisks called "Hunter Killer"s, courtesy of Tiamat Brood's Cerebrate Daggoth); or perhaps even just by the virtue of living for longer than most other lifeforms of similar type (as there exists, for example, an Overlord called "Yggdrasill"); or just by consuming more than others (e.g. a Defiler called "Unclean One").

  3. Thank you for giving the shout out for "The Wire". If they remastered the show in 4K it would continue to go forth for the next 20 years. People don't understand, Majority of the Actors in that show was either; Starting off, Possible B list or Playing a New Acting Scene. Majority if not all the actors in that show, ALL became A List Actors. Micheal B Jordan, Ebis Alba etc. I personally place. 1. The Wire 2. Breaking Bad/Power (Powerbook is trying to get there) 3. Sopranos.

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