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47 Gedanken zu „Die TOP-CLIPS ALLER ZEITEN von Legends of Runeterra“
  1. about puffcap's tie game, both players draw at the same time during the draw step of the game, as such, drawing a card with lethel puffcaps, and drawing a card from an empty deck happens at the same time, so both players die together

  2. I'm surprised no clips from swim, but I guess the community is long past the days when he streamed the game back then. But to think he was one of if not the biggest streamers of lor back then

  3. The way draws happen is that it waits everything to resolve and then it checks if either (or both) players have lost. It's like with the Seer-Chemtech Drake interaction. It burns your opponent first, but it will draw you out anyway, ending in a Tie

  4. 38:15 I'm on it.
    "Ja pierdolę" – literally "I'm fucking", though in actual meaning it more akin to saying something like "Holy fuck"
    "Kurwa, Undying? Serio?" – "Fuck, Undying? Really?"
    "No co to jest?" – "What even is that?" ("No" cannot be consistently translated to english, so I'm doing my best to translate the feel it gives)
    "Halo" – "Hello" but in a way you'd say it into void (or telephone) expecting someone's answer.
    "No kurwa" – "Fucking c'mon"

  5. I didn't think tying was that rare that you have only had it happen like 10 times damn. I've been playing since the darkin saga and I have had 8 that I can remember but probably more. but 4 of those are me using ran stance because I would lose anyways if I didn't to kill both nexuses.

  6. I know Swimstrim did awful shit and deserves to be barred. When I think of the funniest LoR clips I still remeber the one time he was doing a meme deck for elusive Nautilus. He played Jettison on turn one and tossed every single one of the grant elusive cards and surrendered. I really wish he wasn't as disgusting as he was, its such a shame. There are better streamers who capture the chaotic feeling he would bring, but few people so willingly play absolutely terrible decks like he would. Power ruins some people

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