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37 Gedanken zu „Dieses Deck ist UNGLAUBLICH – Neue Nightfall-Steuerung mit Diana & Aurelion Sol – Legends of Runeterra“
  1. My favorite champion in this game. Always great to see more ASol! I actually found a list earlier that uses Jack and some coin shananigans, which actually looks pretty spicy. Still, excellent Minimorph to dunk on Karma.

  2. I think not attacking with asol was a misplay. If you're losing to top deck form up, it makes no difference, you're losing the next turn anyway. There's no point in playing around a card if you're losing anyways.

  3. I have to say I love this deck and I love this idea because I love dragons and especially big daddy space dragon. What after traffic in playmat for a little while I could not get it to function.

  4. All the Manifest cards should have stayed in the same scope as Invoke did.
    Small list of powerful things you can only access through the mechanic.
    THAT's what made Invoke awesome whereas "random bulls*t GO" Seraphine just got to people the wrong way.

  5. my hopeless lesbian brain wants leona + diana to be playable so badly and honestly this latest patch might have finally done it, maybe it's a worse version of noxus sunburn but I'll take whatever I can get

  6. As a semi-old player, the best thing you can do to avoid burnout is play Patch of Champions. However as I'm in my "off" phase right now, I find it infuriating that I've bought the pass and it has 74(!!!) nodes. That is aggregiously long and requires a ton of farming regardless of what you play, be it PvP or PvE. I want to play meme decks, but the meta is so frustrating with Karma money hack and Samira aggroing your face in 4-5 turns

  7. Im not sure how i feel about playing Diana ngl. In a meta completely centered around Samira, the deck everyone is building to beat, attempting to play another 2/2 Quick Attacker for 2 mana feels a tad foolish. Like, all these Samira hate cards running everywhere will perfectly work against Diana, and your own defenses (Namely, Pale Cascade) wont even achieve much, given that they fulfill the same role as Samira's own defenses (Mainly All Out, but also Varus' kit of Pump/Defense spells) and thus, are accounted for by the people building against her. I'd prolly look to about any other champion in this current meta ngl

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