Double Yipps Genie | Verpacktes Pulver | Pyke gegen Asol | Path of Champions Discord-Link: #legendsofruneterra #lor #pathofchampions #poc #riotgames #riot #lol #leagueoflegends #arcane #guide #tips #tipsandtricks #newpatch #arclight

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16 Gedanken zu „Double Yipp’s Genius Pyke | Verpacktes Pulver | Pyke gegen Asol | Pfad der Champions“
  1. The problem with the Lurk Keyword that even other allies being given through Sharing is Caring power… they didn't get the Lurker Buff… since they initially don't have the Lurk keyword to begin with…

    Riot pls fix this

  2. I think I found an optimal bard build that might bring him up to b tier. You just need Echoing spirit, luminous orb and Starforged gauntlets. This way bard produces chimes starting turn 1 and you get 9 of them every round.

  3. Hey nice gameplay! Could you please try out a similar build for Vi..? 🙂
    1. Packed Powder; 2. Scourge’s Stash; 3. Spirit of the Buhru
    This way she gets to be on the Board early on, stacking impact and health as well as keywords that work really well with her (as a challenger unit with somewhat low base health)

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