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  1. When the impact keyword is granted to another unit (e.g. using Second Skin) it only copies one impact stack, so I'm pretty certain wriggle's lantern will not work, and I can't think of a situation where you'll want to hold Elise in hand for 5 turns before playing her even if it did work

  2. I can see cost being an issue, but with the brief time I've got playing with her right now, I got the perfect fix- Sorcery Power: gives you three spell mana at the start of the round
    As soon as I got the base mana for it, I can slap down three spiderlings, buff them up, and have a chunk of my board filled. And if I got lucky with early Elise, immediately level her up next round.

    It'll be interesting to figure out how to do this, but I got another idea. the Hurricane relic. She gains Scout, her free attack gives all spiderlings everywhere Scout, and she can use the two attacks to dubly buff her spiderlings. Then she gets recalled at the end of the round, preventing her from leveling up since her level-up requirement says *Round Start*.

  3. Feel like she needs Elusive to guarantee the attack… Combined with the scout even in late game… Or, as you said, the keyword route. The fact that the spiderling is an actual card in the deck that can get items itself is pretty crazy I think

  4. I think her deck being more expensive is okay and not as bad as you initially thought. She is going to go wide very easily, therefor, you don’t want more cheap units in the deck, instead you want beefy, buffing, or control units.

  5. She's a lot of fun.

    With the power "Sorcery" (Refill Spell Mana) and the relic "Troll King"
    You can just spam a lot of spiders early buff them and do tons of damage to face.

    Love her

  6. I'd love an updated guide on leveling unless you think it's the same as your old video. Like, when I unlock a new champion, it seems like it takes FOREVER to level them, and I'm insanely limited on which adventures I can do. Then, it also seems like getting enough shards to get champions to 2 stars is taking way too long

  7. I have her at 3* and I've really been enjoying her, just beat thresh and yeah she feels better than I thought she would.

    So many times around 4th or 5th round I'd have elise and 5 spiders, all 7+ power with overwhelm and fearsome so sometimes they couldnt even block them all and the ones they did didnt make much difference either, games are a breeze when it goes that way.

    Facing overwhelm is rough, that trynd fight damn, but if you get the ball rolling it's gg, I lost the 1st time against trynd after a rly long match, I didnt draw elise early which sucks and i didnt have overwhelm, I think that's one of the biggest deals with the elise deck, having everyone with overwhelm with the power upgrade, or having overwhelm on elise and having her give it to the spiders at 3*, with overwhelm my games ended in 4/5 rounds, without it it definetly was harder, next time I faced trynd I had overwhelm and drew elise early and won pretty fast with 25 hp or something, then it was a breeze to thresh and won with a S, I'm using shit relics btw so yeah that's my take on her

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