Casting-Wiederholungen an [email protected] mit dem Betreff Brood War! #StarCraft #BroodWar #StarCraftRemastered

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12 Gedanken zu „Falcon überträgt deine Brood War-Wiederholungen! FME! BGH! Spielen Sie mit Falcon!“
  1. Wasn’t it funny, Falcon, on Tribes, we went on each other simultaneously and both were surprised with that, though you did better job with wiping my stuff 🙂 btw kinda suspicious that Rengerre built that factory on a high ground, how did he know?:)))

  2. This is so sad… Both players hasnt enough brain… No observatory for protoss and no flying buildings over the wall at protoss' base… If he did there a flying barack or engineering bay, he can say that carriers, and the goliaths can do their job.

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