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44 Gedanken zu „Finden Sie die PERFEKTE Empfindlichkeit (Valorant-Tipps)“
  1. This shit is hella inaccurate. Can get you from 45/cm 360 to a 17/cm 360. Finding a sens is mostly about comfort and accuracy. This will help you find neither.

    Finding a sens should be done from flicking between two objects or locations a generous amount until finding a sens that does so accurately, then move around with it and look around to different locations and test the comfort.

  2. This is bad.

    Every game requires diferent amount of precision. In aimlab you hit big target that are far apart. Which mean you're going to get faster sensitivity more because it lowers the time you flick to the next target.

    It doesnt translate well because in reality you cant hit hs with it

  3. No decent player has actually done that and stuck to that sens long term 😂 sens does not matter. Just pick something reasonable youre semi comfortable using and dont think about it anymore. Use that time to improve at the game

  4. The way to find a prefect sens is – in one smooth motion you should be able to rotate 180 degree horizontal, without lifting ur mouse. Its like you killed one guy front of you and another is behind.

  5. In AimLabs settings, choose Valorant as your current game. Then do the test and in the end you'll get results in cm per square cube. You need to save this sensitivity and go to settings and just copy the current sens in settings from Aimlabs to Valorant.

    I didn't like their sensitivity tho

  6. Aimlab is not all that accurate, too exacly know your right sensitivity, is by playing practice. Set it to medium. Make sure your crosshair is always on the bots head every time they pop out. Not over, not lower, not miss an inch.

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