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11 Gedanken zu „Heutzutage stecken sie einfach Holunder in alles hinein | Ältere Dunkelheit | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. Ooo which Sera you playing in your LU? Originally I was going to do Sera Morg, Karma Sett, and Nilah Janna this weekend but seeing your success with this list maybe I drop Karma Sett (or Nilah Janna) for this Darkness deck, if I go for the former cut then I could swap back to Sera Sett instead of using Sera Morg.

  2. Did you talk about why you cut Norra? She just seems like a very good early option.
    I'm surprised you didn't mention Dess & Ada. Many Darkness decks haven't included them, but they're always worth considering.
    Is Broadmane even that good? I feel like Firespitter is often better.

  3. This was probably the best deck discussion before gameplay I've seen, I really really liked it! And the gameplay was very informative and fun as well! I suppose it's not a type of content you usually upload, but personally I'd love more videos like that from you! It was really great

  4. Really cool video! I like your gameplay and analysis 🙂

    Posting this for the algorithm, and also to cheer for you!

    And, for a quick and simple tip (if you want one): i think it is not just myself, but i really like all the sounds of the game (voices, sound effects, music), and it would be nice to be able to hear the game as you play!

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