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22 Gedanken zu „Ich schätze, ich kann nicht aufgehalten werden | Pfad der Champions | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. False. I remember playing Elder Dragon with legendary augment that doubles first card plays, then I got summon ephemeral copy when played twice. I basically attacked with 4 Leveled Up Elder Dragons and 2 Dariuses and the game crashed, and the Elder Dragon was stopped.

  2. Elder should be completly uninteractable with in LVL 2. I remember seeing a clip of Snnuy where he had lethal next turn, and had to survive 1 turn. Perfectly blockable attack but then his Elder gets pulled by a Sett and he loses…

  3. Jinx is actually the single most busted Champion in PoC.

    You just need to get her to level 9 so she can equip the Relic that discards your hand and fills it with that 1 mana spell.

    She instantly levels up, triggers her Star Power for each card you drop (which pings the Nexus AND an enemy unit at 3 stars) and of course, you get all that cheap Burst speed removal in hand.

    And if you managed to get the Ephemeral copy power she'll do it twice it's hilarious (you will lose the Missile unfortunately but it's worth it)

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