Drucken Sie Hunde! Zeichne mehr! Entwickle dich prächtig! Steigen Sie die Himmel herab! Sehr pog Ich streame auf einem Laufband, weil ich an meinem Körper arbeiten muss Deck Code: CIBQCAYEAMBQMBAUCYVAMAYJBEIVMW62AHOQCAYBAECC4AIEAQIQEAYJAIVAEAIDAQBACBAEBQ / Twitter: https://twitter.com/Liberty1844/ Merch: https://store.streamelements.com/liberty1844 Kapitel: 0:00 Spiel 1 gegen Viktor Norra (ew) 13:20 Spiel 2 gegen Ezreal Kennen 22:42 Spiel 3 gegen Elise Kalista 30:25 Spiel 4 gegen Aphelios Zoe Aurelion Sol

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11 Gedanken zu „Messenger-Drucker! | Zoë Viktor | Legenden von Runeterra“
    i have been playing arround with drum solo and blades (waifu dedication) and noticed something interesting
    Then started playing path of champions to confirm
    Gues what
    When you lower the champion card, you lower the champion spell in the same amount
    Go get it does lower to 0 the cost of the champion spell!!!!
    So, you can actually do udyr and then go get it with a 0 cost spirits unleashed
    However, youll have to sumon udyr again and spend more mana just for an spirit unleashed
    However, with a champion with a low cost unit and a high cost spell
    (Such as irelia x3)
    And other cards like the 2 cost retreat that creates a 1 cost forced sumon to an ally
    You could in theory do very sick combos xd

  2. NOOOOO, I was the first opponent! I was trying to make a deck where Glorious Evolution and Mirror Mage work, but as you can see it's a bit of a struggle. Maybe you could fine tune it some, please? GG anyhow though Liberty

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