Testen und Leveln von Nami in Path of Champions Erster Eindruck von Nami: https://youtu.be/WTweXzy-Gso Nami Guide: in Kürze verfügbar. #legendsofruneterra #lor #pathofchampions #poc #riotgames #riot #lol #leagueoflegends #arcane #guide #tips #tipsandtricks #newpatch #arclight

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6 Gedanken zu „Nami Nivellierung | Pfad der Champions“
  1. Hey, I played Nami alot today. I play GGC on her and she is so strong with it. You're totally right with the powers. All fleeting spells powers are insane on her. Also created cards cost 1 less and refill spell mana are really crazy with GGC. She has the potential to be one of my most loved champion in POC2.0 (like she was in poc1.0 for me). Leveling her is a bit rough, but she gets really good later on. I had boards of 2-4 units all with 15+ attack consistently. 😀 Support champs that are good: Aphelios (obviously) and Varus. Also I think Kayle was quite good. You get her empowered really quickly. I didn't test fizz or Taric yet, but I think both are good too.

  2. Based on the spell mana being generated a carried over and ATTUNE, I think Necklace might be a better common relic than Lost Chapter. Initially, LC seems like a no brainer, but just from watching this, spell mana wasn't really an issue, and LC often(always?) just gave +1 spell mana. Not sure if 2* will change that.

  3. I think what you showed here highlights a weakness she will always have, fighting against overpower units, as she doesn't buff health and all her units have very low health. One good thing later on is she'll have good sustain with GGC. I am really curious as to what her three star power is.

  4. I have finished Thresh adventure today with Ashe as well as chapter 6 quests, so bunch of shards. Sadly nothing that interests me =/
    Gallo (1/3) next ^_^
    Even though my current roster is pretty solid and I would love to 3* some of them as soon as possible I start to think that better play is to unlock and 2* more champions. Mostly to avoid dupes, in particular that I hit Nassus twice this week already…

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