Deckliste: Code: CIDACAIEGQAQEBQJAEDAMJYBA4DCSAYIAYBAQDYDBACAQCISAQAQEBRWAEDQMDQBBADBSAIIAQA QEAIHAYBACCAGDQ 0:00 – Deck Tech 10:23 – Hat das Gameplay Spaß gemacht? Lasst ein Like da und ABONNIEREN! Es ist kostenlos! Kostenlos ist gut! Abonnieren Sie meinen Kanal: Ich streame dieses Spiel oft auf Twitch, folgen Sie mir dort: Senden Sie mir Ihre Deckbilder: [email protected] Folgen Sie mir auf Twitter: #megamogwai #legendsofruneterra #lor

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27 Gedanken zu „NILAH Brash OTK | Legends of Runeterra-Deck“
  1. Hey Mogwai, a card that I like to use a lot in Nilah's deck and Ibaaros' weapon, which would be the Darkin Harpoon, which when attacking against a fleeting card next turn, is the best thing and for it on the field, as well as the amount of purchases we make throughout the game and he's getting gigantic.
    Another important point to talk about would be after Janna's arrival, I put together a very good Ryze deck that with her temple is practically a win game.

  2. I havent seen Mog be so passionate by that game for a while. Is this the best, or close to the best meta that ever was in LoR? By the way, don't try to make your deck tech shorter. They're the best part of your videos…

  3. I saw a pretty neat list using nilah and jack with fleljord as second region, playing more like low curve beat down deck with slipstream so you don't run out of card and coin so you can possibly play your expensive fleeting card

  4. CIDACAQGBAAQOAYOAEEAGHADAEBQWHZIAMBAGAIDA4BQMAYMB4SQEAICAYOACAQDAYAA This deck code has been getting me a lot of wins. It avoids the current meta as best as it can by relying on damage tricks to have massive explosive turns and win by trading one guy for two after the Shadow Isle Players try to sac their stuff to kill yours. Has the potential to outgrow most champions with burst speed tricks. Just Credit Brack if you want to check it out and feature it brother.

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