#legendsofruneterra #lor #pathofchampions In diesem Video gehe ich auf das ein, was Sie erwarten können, und teile meine Gedanken zum bevorstehenden Patch 4.1.0 in Path of Champions. Hat dir dieses Video gefallen? Erwägen Sie, ein Like zu hinterlassen und auf die Schaltfläche „Abonnieren“ zu klicken. Hinterlasse auch einen Kommentar, wenn du dich unterhalten möchtest. Ich lade häufig hoch, und Sie können sich die Playlists auf meinem Kanal ansehen, um eine Vorstellung davon zu bekommen, was ich hier mache. Alle 107 Level-Up-Animationen: https://youtu.be/zookiIFIEio Alle 26 Skins Level-Up-Animationen: https://youtu.be/gaa5fzDVOoE Alle Dialoge/Cutscenes von Path of Champions 1.0: https://youtu.be/ cjAVFURs1HE Path of Champions 2.0 Story-Kampagnen: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMWTGMR-svZQXy9rcvn2zo_ujnEHFjejG Path of Champions vs. Aurelion Sol: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMWTGMR-svZRl3eSFS4NGCUh_E7hKvNJe Alle Battle for Arcadia Dialogue /Zwischensequenzen: https://youtu.be/PylrNg90tZc ————————————– ————————————————– ————————————— Legends of Runeterra ist ein kostenlos spielbares digitales Spiel Sammelkartenspiel, entwickelt und veröffentlicht von Riot Games. Es wurde am 29. April 2020 für Microsoft Windows, Android und iOS veröffentlicht. Das Spiel wurde am 24. Januar 2020 in der Open Beta für Microsoft Windows veröffentlicht. Es verwendet eine Umgebung und Charaktere, die ihren Ursprung in League of Legends haben, einem Multiplayer-Online-Kampfarenaspiel von Riot Games. Legends of Runeterra ist ein rundenbasiertes Kartenspiel zwischen zwei Gegnern mit konstruierten Decks aus 40 Karten. Jeder Spieler beginnt das Match mit einer Hand aus vier zufällig aus seinem Kartendeck ausgewählten Spielkarten, einem Nexus mit 20 Gesundheitspunkten und null Mana. Das Ziel des Spiels ist es, den Nexus des Gegners auf null Gesundheitspunkte zu bringen.

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36 Gedanken zu „RELIC BUFFS, NERFS, NEUE GEGENSTÄNDE UND FIXES und REAKTION auf Patch 4.1.0 | Weg der Champions 2.0“
  1. CORRECTION: At 5:50, as pointed out by Nono, I said the new GA will revive the champion with 1 EXTRA Health. This is wrong. I misread it. It revives the champion with ONLY 1 Health.

    Hey guys, forgot to mention that the full patch notes will be out on Tuesday and the patch itself will be live on Wednesday. I can't remember which timezone, but yeah, just wanted to add this since I forgot 😅

  2. Since PoC is an PvE mode, I think nerfs is kind of unnecessary. That's just my opinion, but i think it's most like for fun and you can just skip using op combos if you want to have the feeling of winning against something that is hard or challenging. Again, just my opinion.

  3. Good patch, invoke should have never been an epic in the first place its just very annoying when i get a invoke and reset turning into a common is good i just never thought it was a good powerup especially since its a rare

  4. Lmao if they wanna make PoC more interesting, how about buffing the weaker champions so that people have more things to play with.

    Cause why play Taliyah if you can play either Diana, Jax, Jinx, Gwen, Jhin etc. The only reason is prolly just for the sake of playing Taliyah.

    I get how buffing Champions stats is difficult due to the main game outside PoC, but hey can’t they just rework the powers and/or the deck?

    As strong as the top champions are like Diana and Gwen, it doesn’t mean it’s EZ GAME XDXD. So what’s wrong with making the other champions as strong as they are so people have more options and feels.

  5. I'd rather the devs make their very own value (stats, costs, etc.) script exclusively for PoC. That'd sound ridiculous but that could potentially help LoR in the long run, especially since PvP is a different stage compared to PvE. That way, these game modes can be managed separately without the rubrics for satisfaction on two things that shouldn't go together in every single aspect. The lore and abilities of the champions are enough to reuse, they should use their budget to improve PoC fairness and fun, especially if they plan to make harder challenges.

  6. Hi. I need some advice. You and your guest keep saying that misfortune is easy and strong but I'm having a really hard time with her deck. I'm only level 13 with her. 2 stars. I'm guessing the point of her deck is to keep playing followers. Keep her safe in backline. What powers should use?

  7. That Emperor favor reminds me sometimes when I play Aurelion Sol, or Kai'sa journey, I would trigger a selection to get the power that got Emperor's Deck, which auto create each 1 card of ascended champions to your deck. It also came with that Sun Disk as well…

  8. The Poro Fluft could be nice for a big card that has a massive effect. For instance, in Kindred's deck you have lots of units like the vulture that'll kill units right off. Imagine the 7 cost vulture that kills 1 of your units to kill one of the enemy's turn 1 bc of the 0/1 you summon. Hard scenario but that's 1 card from many cards that prioritize effects over stats

  9. Stalkers blade does seem like a buff. It'll work better with Trifarian might I think as usually you'll be able to take out two weak units or one powerful one rather then only damaging two powerful ones. It will suck though when you see it hitting a 1/1.

  10. GA becomes quite interesting now. Not as good as Galeforce but it could have applications. +1 Revive is useless forever though.

    Reset at common i'll pick it often i think since it's way better than most common powers, although it increases deck size.
    I'm surprised that Quick Draw and Wild Inspiration don't become rare, and that Sorcery doean't become epic.

    12:30 Nah having your Darius killing a 1|1 instead of a 6|6 elusive will be painful. ASol is the only encounter that rarely lets you oneshot units so it's the only one fight where targeting the weakest could be sometimes better.

    13:20 Yeah these and the Draw1 on 1cost units were super rewarding picks despite looking weak at first glance. Idk how i feel about this nerf.

    17:40 Poro Fluft will destroy my Guardian's Orb builds. :/

  11. The strike to weakest enemy is a bit disappointing. Thanks to you mate. I noticed when I saw app update "hey LoR is updated on store.?!", Then I found this on your channel. it makes me aware of the changes. I think I should send the Dev team an email. If we have at least some amount of level or star in total, why don't we(user) have a method to unlock a specific relic. Let's say, relic shop.🤣

  12. The poro item will be best on units that can buff themselves… champions with CSF could probably make use of being 1 cost. Would that mean it is possible to summon them with summon a 1 cost poro? The 10 cost unit that makes you double all units' power and toughness could be interesting as a poro… mix in some spells to return it to hand or possibly spirit stone, and that could be broken. I have a big fear that the poro power will be more of a hindrance than a help, though. It will work best for units that do something upon summon.

    Emperors deck… there are some cards…the 4 cost spell that obliterates a follower…the 5 cost 6|6 that upon summon or round start you summon 2 sand soldiers with +2 +2. I think it could be interesting, but it will likely dilute the pool of better cards/ items.

    I think they see the player base beating a lot of the content the same way and want us to have more diverse experiences between runs and stat buffs will usually be prioritized because it is usually the strongest pick. If you are forced to pick other things that are either more rng based or have a less profound effect, it will lower run success, but runs will likely be more different until a new meta is decided upon. Certain powers will rise to the top. I believe invoke will be a new meta pick for common low drop units. I don't like this change overall because it will mean a lot of runs will start to look like invoke runs. I can't believe I'm saying this… cause i do like invoke… but I'll likely be compelled to pick it every time as it has healing or the 7 cost cards that buffs everything. The more invoke you stack, the easier it is to get these broken effects. I think they saw the rumblings of the community about changing gatebreaker and were scared to do it even though it may be best for the mode. Although they may change it in the future if these changes go over well.

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