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15 Gedanken zu „Segensüberladung des Ältesten Volis | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. 7:44 cheating out 35 mana worth of units out of 3 mana is the stupidest shit ive seen in awhile, this games balance has gone to shit. Somehow they have managed to make all 3 new champions beyond broken. Im tired of seeing them in ladder every day. Its so stupid. Its also not fun at all to play against. especially morgana, where shes literally a 1 mana 3/4 with lifesteal. Also the card that makes it so you cant use spells is beyond stupid. You either run a broken braindead aggro deck or a overpowered af control deck with at least one of the 3 new champions. Theres literally no inbetween these days.

    the top deck has a 60% winrate with a 10% playrate which isnt healthy at all for the game.

    ive also versed the full dragon deck that grappler is playing so many times, and its so crazy when i runation their entire board only for them to apply deathless to their entire board the exact same turn using alatis.

    There are so many toxic top tier decks floating around today that shouldn't even exist. Like the full elusive teemo/fizz yummi deck that takes negative iq to use.

    And before people say skill issue, ive been masters the past 8 seasons, including this one. Im not happy with this garbage powercrept meta at all.

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