#JinxDidNothingWrong #LegendsOfRuneterra #LOR Deck Code: CIDACAQCAMAQGBQEAEBQECQBAQBA2AQGAIRSMBYBAIFAYEZAEQSTOAABAEDAEJA Deck Link: https://masteringruneterra.com/deck/CIDACAQCAMAQGBQEAEBQECQBAQBA2AQGAIRSMBYBAIFAYEZAEQSTOAABAEDAEJA 00:00 Intro 00:18 Deck Tech 02:37 Zed Hecarim Get Barrier’d 10:21 Vayne And The Darkin Gang ! DIESER DRUCK!! 20:26 Yi Riven LASS IHN KOCHEN!!

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16 Gedanken zu „SHEN Lass TAHM KENCH kochen! – Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. Woo a shen deck! You know there is a way to give barrier to everyone in the deck! Good ol' void gate to the rescue yet again!

    The 6 cost unit in sharima can be given barrier and other keywords throughout the match and then also evolve when while activating 2 barrier ticks for shen!

    The 6 cost zed spell can also be used to make your keyword soup units spread even faster throughout the deck!

    Double attack can also be spread by the 6 cost dragon fist or the 4 cost spell that gives a unit double attack if they have quick attack already in ionia!

    Lifesteal can also be used with the darkin dan plus the actual darkin unit or just use 4 cost tasty fae for the voice lines :)!

    If you need keywords or even better more devastating units, try out the 4 cost spell that recently came out that summons/stuns an exact copy of a follower! HAPPY DECK BUILDING! SHEN ROCKS!

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