Lucian Kalista MistWraith Swarm Deckliste: Code: CECACAIACYAQGBINAMDAKKJKFUEACBIBBQHBAFY6F4YQAAIBAMCQI 00:00 Spiel 1 05:21 Spiel 2 08:05 Spiel 3 5 15: 42 8 15: 49 Spiel 3 Spiel 6 30:28 Spiel 7 36:25 Spiel 8 Sonniger: Twitch ★ Twitter ★ Discord ★ /YAYwk8x TikTok ★ Business Email ★ [email protected] Snnuy, Mogwai, MajinBae, GrappLr spielen alle Legends of Runeterra. Rangliste, Saisons, die besten Decks, Deckführer, neue Events und neue Decks. LoR ist ein Kartenspiel, das auf League of Legends-Champions basiert. Legends of Runeterra ist ein digitales Sammelkartenspiel aus dem Jahr 2020, das von Riot Games entwickelt und veröffentlicht wurde. Inspiriert vom physischen Sammelkartenspiel Magic: The Gathering und Hearthstone. #lor #LegendsofRuneterra #Snnuy

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34 Gedanken zu „Soul Cleave verändert ALLES – Legends of Runeterra“
  1. Hello Snnuy. I am a Turkey citizen. I know this week is great for you(new roadmap, new contents, balanceing etc.). I am really want enjoy tho but 10 Major cities in Turkiye has been devastated by recent earthquakes. I think you knew it already but can you add youtube TURKIYE EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND which organized by a famous turk youtuber Barış Özcan. Greetings!

  2. I had this idea about… Pesky Specters Printer, BUT its for both of you.

    So basically, you kill and copy as many Specter as possible and ruin both Deck untill someone Highroll or Surrendering.

    I know its dumb, but who would hate that kind of meme deck? I know you would love it

  3. Imagine not playing one of the best games in the last few years because someone who isn't involved in it's creation said a thing you didn't like LOL. The lack of spine is one thing but they don't have any bones at all, soft as hell.

  4. The guy in the last game could have survived by blocking kalista with the 7 attack unit. It wouldve killed the Deathless knight and freed a blocker for the last mist, making him take only 2 damage and survive at 1hp. Not sure how he wouldve won tho.

  5. Kalista always summons the strongest monster that died, as long as the mist is less than 4 atk or above 4 atk but it has not died with that much atk yet then kalista will summon wraith caller when a mist with more than 4 atk dies then she will summon a mist.

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