Aatrox ist der letzte Darkin für die Darkin Saga-Erweiterungen. Lasst mich wissen, was ihr von ihm, Ryze und Kayle haltet! Weitere Videos wie dieses werden für die verbleibenden Champions folgen! Darkin Cultists: CUDACBQJEAAQMAZCAEDAOBIBAYCQMAQGAIMSEAQGBQCRUBQBAYDCOAIGAAFQCBQCC4AQMBAHAEDAOBACAYAREIQCAEDASBQBAYCAQ Darkin Vayne: CUCACBIABQAQMBAIAEDAYGQIAYAAUCYRCUNR2IRHAIAQMAAYAEDACEQDAEBAAAIBAYBBOAIGA4CA Darkin Forge: CUBQCAIBAMAQMDA2AQDACBAJBQRAKAIDAEBACBABBIAQMAALAEDACIACAEAQSMQIAEBQCCIBAQAQYAIGAILQCBQDCQAQMBAIAEDAOBABAYCQOAYGAEFREJA 00:00 Intro 00:29 Cinematic 04:25 Deck Building Songs Used (in order): Suspicion – Persona 5 A Hat In Time OST – So, What’s The Plan Bayonetta OST – The Gates of Hell Under Night In-Birth Scraper Sky High (Hyde’s Theme) Bossa Nova Cover Legends of Runeterra – Tabletop Tavern K_DA Beats for Lo-Fi Legends Sonniger: Twitch ★ Twitter ★ Discord ★ TikTok ★ Geschäftliche E-Mail ★ snnuycards@gmail. com Verwenden Sie den Gutscheincode „Snnuy“, um 10 % Rabatt auf Abonnements zu erhalten! Snnuy, Mogwai, MajinBae, GrappLr spielen alle Legends of Runeterra. Rangliste, Saisons, die besten Decks, Deckführer, neue Events und neue Decks. LoR ist ein Kartenspiel, das auf League of Legends-Champions basiert. Legends of Runeterra ist ein digitales Sammelkartenspiel aus dem Jahr 2020, das von Riot Games entwickelt und veröffentlicht wurde. Inspiriert vom physischen Sammelkartenspiel Magic: The Gathering und Hearthstone. #lor #LegendsofRuneterra #Snnuy

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50 Gedanken zu „Überprüfung von Aatrox und Aufbau von Darkin-Decks für die neue Darkin-Erweiterung“
  1. I really like what they did with the champion darkins. The cultist package want you to equip weapons for good value, but lack weapons themselves so you had to go to a region with good weapons. Now Aatrox has a lot of weapons but lacks units, perfect with cultists.

  2. honestly the part i feel like everyone is sleeping on is that assimilate levels champions.
    first thought goes to aatrox + zoe or norra. low cost champions with big impact level up. imagine all your darkin now sharing keywords if you level zoe through world ender

  3. Aatrox is honestly best in Shurima, I remember how LegendXXVII used the Darkin Landmark to easily cheat Xoolani's and Styratuus, so I feel like it's gonna be best there together with some solid units, if you want to make a printer you can run Zilean, if you want to go abit more aggro you can run Taliyah, imo you really just need a good early game with the landmark to help you cheat out the Darkins late game.

  4. Aatrox fiora? Good stat unit, good target for darkin weapons, potentially threaten fiora wincon before you get to be able to play World Ender. The fiora wincon could potentially give you enough tempo to live long enough. Idk, let me know what you guys think

    Edit: single combat and other strikes have dual purpose, fiora for wincon and Aatrox to heal from a bad early

  5. I think aatrox is better with token swarming. You don't want to push for value or tempo you want to stall and have a big board that can hold your darkin so when you cast the spell enemy can't remove everything and you get more value
    tokens help you to survive against agro too.

  6. I think Anaakca printer would be a good deck. You shuffle copies of the darkin spear then attack with Anaakca and fill your board. Just like that broodfather deck from a while ago except with Anaakca it doesn't have to be a dragon.

  7. I dont think considering the kind of decks these new champions create as potential matchups is necessary when you know damn well people are just gonna be playing ireliazir for the n-th time two hours into the expansion again

  8. Knowing what Assimilate is now, the mental image of a poro finding The Darkin Blade, touching it, and Aatrox now controlling a poro being confused as fuck on how he got there, will not leave my mind.

  9. What about norra aatrox? It sounds really weird but norra with her portals can give you a body/bodies when getting overwhelmed vs aggro, they are also units that can use equipments so that u can just fill your deck with weapons and portals then equip the units you portaled then play world ender and just party (idea sounds crazy but idk)

  10. I love how Aatrox is so true to the flavor of Darkin, they totally nailed it this time.

    Also, for the Frejlord version, what about pairing him with Lisandra ? It might be win-more, but I just love the idea of having The Watcher as a backup wincon should Aatrox somehow fail. Plus you know, the whole "I am doom" thing.

    And, don't forget that Lisandra doesn't care HOW you get the 8 drops into play, only that you do – and a lot of the strongest Darkin cost 8+.

    Or perhaps even better, remember that instead of transforming into a Darkin, and equipped champion simply levels up so you bypass the need for the 8 drops right there if she's equipped.

  11. i actually think that cutting one of the fish fights for a one of judgment would be pretty decent for a clear no one would expect
    might be a slow and expensive card but if enemy has no answer it is a huge progress to ur world ender and clears up board

  12. I'll play aatrox with varus , as much as I like kayn (rhaast to be precise) in lol PC , he sucks ass in lor it just feel so awkward playing him and his blue form is a freaking joke

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