Ultimativer Anfängerleitfaden für neue Spieler, alles, was Sie wissen müssen, um mit Legends of Runeterra zu beginnen. Soll neuen Spielern und erfahrenen Spielern mit Schwierigkeiten dabei helfen, Decks zu finden und Mechaniken zu erlernen! ··············································· ································ ☀️ ZEITSTEMPEL 00:00 Intro 01:12 Prolog Belohnungstrack 02:29 Belohnungen & Ressourcen 04:31 Der schnellste Weg, an Ressourcen zu kommen 07:32 Herausforderungen & Schlüsselwörter 09:54 Runeterra-Slang 14:43 Upgrade von Anfängerdecks 27:56 Empfehlungen für Anfängerdecks 31:33 Standard und Eternal 32:53 Externe Ressourcen 34:40 Verschiedenes 35: 59 Outro ············································ ··································· ☀️ LINKS UND RESSOURCEN • Schlüsselwörter und Vokabeln – https://support -legendsofruneterra.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035562194-Keywords-and-Game-Vocab-Legends-of-Runeterra • Anfänger-Deck-Codes – https://pastebin.com/RvtyhXHW • Anfänger-Deck-Gameplay – https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ou3pBpLF3c • Was ist Rotation? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-SJeTlpi-w • Offizielle Runeterra-Seite – https://playruneterra.com/en-us/news • LoR-Bericht – https://lorreport.com/ • Runeterra.ar ​​– https://runeterra.ar/home • Runeterra meistern – https://masteringruneterra.com/ • Inoffizielles Runeterra-Regelbuch – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hb8Rueo_ITHBXjuDg_GsW7efP4vNTZYr/edit • Anfänger Guide-Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX4ZYN0z2VgDpX-0HlJD79sN7ESw0uTVZ ··························· ··············································· ···· ☀️ MEHR SONNIGES Twitch ★ https://www.twitch.tv/Snnuy Twitter ★ https://www.twitter.com/SnnuyLoR Discord ★ https://discord.gg/YAYwk8x TikTok ★ https:// www.tiktok.com/@snnuylor Geschäftsanfragen ★ [email protected] Treten Sie diesem Kanal bei, um Zugang zu Vergünstigungen zu erhalten ★ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrMr5Wc0Cn5AGINmUEEquzdA/join #lor #LegendsofRuneterra #Snnuy

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  1. If this video helped you, please let me know by liking and leaving a comment ☀

    • Last updated May 1st 2023

    – Patch 4.5 releases 7 new beginner decks for free for a limited time, with additional information on how to claim them. Keep an eye on the official Runeterra website for the patch notes on May 23rd.

    – Make sure to look at the official rotation article on the Runeterra website or check out my rotation video in the description. This is the best way to clear up any confusion around the Standard and Eternal gamemode.

  2. One idea which mighty help beginners, could be a video showcasing some common, but maybe not immediately intuitive stack interactions. Order of spells and effects and when/why to precast spells might be useful for people not familiar with the stack

  3. gracias snuy por la guia me anima para hacer lo mismo en otros juegos que me gusta y me gustaria compartir con otros jugadores nuervos para que disfruten tanto como yo los juegos de cartas
    thanks snuy for the guide it encourages me to do the same in other games that I like and I would like to share with other new players so that they enjoy card games as much as I do

  4. Thanks, this was really useful!
    I've been watching LoR for quite a while now, but never played the game myself because I didn't think I had time to grind the game and get all the decks I saw the big youtubers playing. This was because of my experience with HS and it's ridiculous requirements.
    This game seems much easier though, and having this guide really helped give me a direction to go with my play time. Now I know I just need a few matches everyday to eventually have a solid collection.

  5. I'm a returning player and back in the day I loved SI based control decks. My first ever deck was championless SI/Fr control that sacrificed a lot to get card throughput and achieved inevitability through the guy that halves opponent's hp. Later I played the anivia version that killed people by having anivia die 6 times and then casting big harrowing.

    What is the closest alternative to that style of gameplay nowadays? Big card throughputput, a lot of board control, late game inevitability with a few big cards.

  6. I dont always comment but this was really great.

    Been playing since the start and i loved every single bit of this video. You are my fave LoR content creator. Hope you're doing well Snnuy! Much love from the Ph.

  7. I love that you explained lor to new players just had 1 point of criteria you said that scout can attack twice but it's if only scouts attack you can attack twice

  8. Great guide! As a new player I have just been searching for this kind of resource, so I am thankful for that. I come from Hearthstone and this game honestly just feels better in almost every aspect to me. It is a real bummer though that we don't get standard beginner decks until the 24th though… I feel like I will not be able to invest my resources until that moment because I do not want to create a deck from scratch. I also wonder how the game is doing and if it is worth investing time if it is declining (I barely ever see anyone talk about it)

  9. Damn bro this is a great video thanks a lot. I started the game yesterday so for now im thinking ill just play cool archetypes and not follow the meta you think thats okay? Hoping a decade of yugioh knowledge transfers to this game…

  10. Thank you for existing. I really wanted to learn how to play against other players which I find difficult because I get angry for my lack of knowledge about decks and cards and this really helps. Definitely gonna go back on this video for the recommended decks.

  11. I started playing the game after seeing your content, so knowing you actually just made such an amazing guide is awesome!
    Just one thing, the decks i got were totally different than those and they all had cards that could not be played in standard, is that normal?

  12. kadegrin the infernal is defenately a keep on the dragons deck, giving all your dragons high stats and overwhelm with the ''dragon's clutch'' card is a winning strategy that works even in high masters

  13. Another handy thing to know is that both PVP and Path of Champions have their own xp bonus for the first wins of the day.
    3 for PVP (+400, +200, +100)
    3 for Path of Champions (also +400, +200, +100)
    This means that you can get bonus 1400xp everyday from that

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