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10 Gedanken zu „Wahnsinnige neue Karten mit Variety Patch 4.5! | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. speaking of the card at 30:33 – in the flavor text of it it has the name ingvar! In Path of Champions there's a special you can get called poro party! it also mentions this name, so i wonder if the next freljord champ could be this young fello!

  2. With the new bandle card…

    If you have 9 mana and 2 spell mana and played drop the bomb on turn 6 (or have some way to get damage), you can double riptide rex someone. Could also wait until you have the full 13 mana and use a perilous pastry to start it. Or you can do it over 2 turns.

    Norra/jhin can run it or get it off conchologist.

    Can also be good to double broadmane something.

    Norra jhin have a couple meh spells and quite a few cool play effects so I could see it working.

  3. Ekko jinx or jinx discard is gonna haunt me
    Indari seems to be a pretty good plunder card for wide boards
    Royal shimmerwing:if Valor being a bird is a thing oh God pls no
    Cobra: the only deck I'm scared of is the portals that come out if it
    Perfidious promoter:he's ok but usually I see coins being used mainly to do big plays so I really wanna see this work
    Innovative Blacksmith: they say frejord shouldn't have healing??? Wtf is this lol but seems solid enough
    Grave companion: I swear if this becomes the new infernus I'm gonna blow a vein
    Condense: this art….. I can't take seriously lol but I get a new plaything for my seraphine flashbomb deck
    Sacrificial scholar: I feel like this card can get very out of control If left to its devices
    Altar to unity: hmmm revna or the 7 cost 2/6 that stuns equal to its power or mihira the 5 cost 1/1 that gives ur hand and in play 1/1 it's solid honestly
    Pack attack: unless I know who is a cat I don't know who is benefitting this
    Overall pretty good pack

  4. Btw, dont like condense?? Try Pantheon/Yuumi or Yuumi/Kayle
    It is excellent and i mean insane protection for mihira

    Idk about you Norra copers but that wouldn't make me think this card is op. This card making Mihira playable is what turns me on. Y'all be sleeping out here :p i havent played in a while, but i'm about to

  5. perfidious promoter seems interesting but i don't think it will make jack better, innovative blacksmith is going into my varus ornn deck as that is better synergy and can help me survive longer. grave companion is interesting and can make for a great value engine, condense is a great card for play/summon effects like she who wanders, cithria lady of the clouds, ledros, xolaani the blood reaver as long as you let it grow, tybaulk, serene sky-singer, rekindler etc though personally might try a meme ava printer deck where i just make a bunch of cheap copies of ava and run bandle city's preotection/growth spells, sacrificial scholar is such a good card for fated and with condense can go infinite, alter to unity would go great with kayle/mihira/lawkeeper the kayle card with the play effect which would stun enemy units with less then 6 power or jax since weaponmasters are such low health and power for their size. definitely nidalee, im hoping kled with his skarl/reptile, people have guessed ivern with all the animal types and him being nature's caretaker.

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