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22 Gedanken zu „Wahnsinniges Spiel! iurnmdkjuanmdk ❓(Z) vs ToyCop 🇫🇮 (P) auf Fighting Spirit – StarCraft – Brood War – 2023“
  1. Im sure that this P player is like 100-1000 time better than me, no doubts about that

    But oh boy – how bad he is looking with his HT and Reaver micro in compare even with "lowest-tier" pro players, not even talking about something from "top tier" like Bisu or Shuttle))
    After watching like 5-10 games "pro vs pro" and then looking game like this – its feeling almost palpably painfull, just "in compare"))

    Its seldom thing to say by me, but im sure, that if he didnt spend 5k minerals on Reavers in this game who DID NOTHING BCS NOT BUILDING SCARABS, NOT MICRO AT ALL AND DYING ALL OVER THE PLACE (80% of the time right in the shuttles) over and over again, and just make ton of zealots and dragoons on those moneys – he will just rolling Zerg like on 20 minute mark already, and for sure will roll at the end of the game just with "swarm of zealots"

    I get it that it is super micro heavy, but its the thing – if you know that you lacking micro for staff like that – just use simplier things, like "swarm zealots-dragoons", it will work vs players of your level who are not "pro" either

    Rules for pro-players and amateur players (even for "amateurs on very top") are different i guess, in term of "which is effective and which is not bcs you lack of micro HT and Reavers heavly"))

    I repeat – im sure that he is better than me myself like 100 times, but just in compare with pro-players game … painfull)))

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