► Kommen Sie zum ABG Discord: https://discord.gg/vAJFwySQ4y, ich werde auf dem Server sein, also schreiben Sie mir eine Nachricht an KrinBits#6361 ► Was Evelynn Kayle in Patch 4.6 von Legends of Runeterra kaputt macht. Sprechen wir über die Schlüsselkarten, die dieses Deck im heutigen Standard-Meta erfolgreich machen (möglicherweise auch im ewigen Format!). Der Schlüssel ist Siren Song, Xolaani und eine ganze Reihe von One-Drops. Aatrox frisst das auch auf! Spielen Sie dieses Deck, bevor Siren Song gehotfixt wird! Deck-Code: https://runeterra.ar/decks/code/CUDQCAYJEMAQMBQSAEDAYGIBAYDSEAIHAYQQGBQFCIJRIBAGBEEBCIZUAIAQGCIXAEDASKYA ► Unterstützen Sie den Kanal!: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Krinbits Twitter: https://twitter.com/KrinBits #LegendsofRuneterra #LoL #LoR LoR Evelynn Kayle Siren Song Evelynn Diana Aatrox Deck Fizz Siren Song Xolaani

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13 Gedanken zu „Was Evelynn in 60 Sekunden kaputt und OP macht || #LegendsofRuneterra Meta Shorts“
  1. If someone would say to me before that a child with no attack, a so-late-game ally, and poros would all become the meta, I wouldn't have believed it. But here we are.

    At least trying to snitch Neeko in is so good. And I'm also talking about the Demacia pair; specially for MVP Junior.

  2. Hello!!

    This is a test short to see if there’s interest in a potentially new series I’m hoping to start.

    Why [BLANK] is OP is all about highlighting the strongest aspects of current meta decks for players who haven’t paid attention to the meta in the shortest way possible.

    If you enjoyed the first episode let me know!

  3. I’ve only ever lost to the deck once and it was totally on me cause I was an idiot and didn’t save my disintegrate for Xolaani. Deck is super strong for sure and siren song needs some kind of nerf but I hope it won’t be too hard cause I like the concept of the card a lot, also maybe make that life steal 1 drop empowered 4 instead of 3

  4. Also in my opinion this is the only case where the quote "if you can't beat them join them" does not apply because i tried running this deck and i run into so many mirror match and it is no longer fun. That is why i do not use it

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