Wenn es Ihnen gefallen hat, liken Sie uns bitte und abonnieren Sie es, damit wir die Watch-Party-Rechte für Brasilien erhalten! Musik von Mewmore (die Ziege) und LuKremBo. Dieses Video ist ein Überblick über die Valorant Game Changers Championship, die letzte Woche in Berlin stattfand, darunter Teams wie G2 Gozen, Cloud9 White, Team Liquid Brazil und FENNEL sowie Spieler wie Mimi, Katsumi, Bob , Mel, Sonder und Festival. Vielleicht werden diese Spieler zusammen mit Teams wie Sentinels, C9, LOUD, Global Esports, Paper Rex, ZETA Division, 100T und vielen mehr im Valorant Franchising antreten! Bildnachweis/Quelle: Riot Games, vlr.gg, PlatChat

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42 Gedanken zu „Women’s Valorant ist… interessant“
  1. Editing this comment to answer a common question: why is there a female league, if there are no physical differences between men/women that should affect performance in esports?

    The purpose of Game Changers is to create high-level completion for not only women, but all marginalized genders. Playing video games when you're young is much more normal for men than women, which results in an environment where other genders are looked down upon simply for playing (just take a look at some of these comments, or the comms in your ranked games). The level of play isn't always as high in Game Changers as it is in the main VCT circuit, yes, but the point of it existing is to give all genders top-level experience – so eventually the level of play does rise, and we won't need a separate GC scene. I hope this makes sense, and gives some more insight into why GC exists. If you've read this comment and still insist there's 'no point watching', I truly am sorry that you've missed out on a great tournament.

  2. Yeah the reason there is segregation in teams games not fighting games is because women don't want to be on the same team with men because their sweaty virgins lol. Imagine being in those team house with 4 of them, sounds like a nightmare. Doubt this will cause women to be in the "real" league because that's not what they want.

  3. I get how female esport teams might be “weird” in this space, but I’m genuinely surprised there weren’t any before. If anything I feel like gaming is one of those “sports” that can have unisex teams. Only reason there wasn’t before is cause gaming is predominantly a guy hobby. But that’s looking to be less true every year.

  4. The coach should've been "fuck it if you're not gonna follow the rule book you created for your own event, I will" and showed up the next day with the money in hand. There really should be more backlash as a result of Riot not following rules they set up for themselves. Otherwise if we keep brushing off things like this, we'd have no sense of justice/what is right

  5. Is there a mix championship where girls and guys at in teams? Or what would be the reason to separate genders in eSports? I'm pretty new in the scene also since the game I've been playing has not really girls that go pro (guess what game that could be 😜)

  6. Why are there so many men in the women’s league tho? It’s ridiculous tbh. All it does is take away from women moving up and is a new form of misogyny. If you’re a biological male, you need to compete in the regular valorant pro scene – end of story.

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