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47 Gedanken zu „xQc kommentiert Kyedaes Krebswitz bei den Streamer Awards #Kyedae #xQc #Valorant“
  1. Good fpr her, you know going through what she is going through is not easy so for her to joke around about it is good, my mom had cancer and she did the same thing. At first i didnt get it but then i realized it was her way of dealing with it and it made her laugh it off which is not easy when going through that stuff

  2. It’s called you’re a good man, and a good friend Felix. Not knowing what to say to someone who’s about to be really strong for the rest of her life you did the right thing. The joke is just a cover for fear and uncertainty, so you saying something could of caused more thought into it.

  3. I think that good self-deprecating jokes are supposed to just make you laugh, when no one laughs cause it wasn't funny then you feel a need to respond but you should just let em cook. Why respond to someone's own insults to themselves unless you say don't say that about yourself.

  4. Why does she give Ozzy Osbourne vibes with the outfit and hair, I might just be trippin, it’s 4am
    Edit: I now see that she has fucking red hair so yeah, but still some similarities right

  5. Hmm a bit odd, X actually fueling out some decent food for thought it seems lol kinda late to the discussion on my part, but anyways. If X somehow happens to catch wind of this comment specifically, I would wanna tell him that he's still taking a decent&tasteful approach to it, the whole "if ya don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" sort of response. So he gets a point in the adequate critical thinking bucket lol and then I'd suggest what essentially becomes the next step in the right direction (for those types of conversations I mean, my b I'm wrapping it up one sec). Imo, most people in those particular positions/circumstances, where they take the opportunity to cut tension by way of comic relief towards a generally touchy subject. Cancer for an easy to understand example. I'll admit it'll never be a guarantee, that toeing the line appropriately while pushing buttons in dialogue ends with cheerful vibes. But more times than not, if the person in question goes outta their way to acknowledge and address it openly, thru dry humor etc etc, Kyedae in this example stepping up to the plate of the world's stage, while subtly offering peace of mind to any in the audience that may feel particularly uncomfortable or whatever else a person might come across regarding those 'Tough to talk about' discussions.

    Okay so Tl;Dr
    If they got hella inhuman balls of steel like our homie Kyedae here, it's generally safe to play ball n return with a ribbing in a similar way, crack a joke back to them in a somewhat uncommon opportunity without the typical fallout that results in just about any other circumstance.

  6. Its not complicated. If they can joke about themself to cope just join in on the fun and see how they react to it.
    Kydae: haha my make a wish joke was funny huh
    Anyone: haha yeah but what if u used the wish to have valorant make a new agent called Chemo
    Based on her face you’ll know the boundaries 💀

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