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43 Gedanken zu „Zeichentablett in VALORANT“
  1. Holy shit, a guy with a pen over ranks me and even bests me in aim all at the same time. You've got some talent bro, I kind of thought that using this kind of method for precise aim is hard since heads are so small but you can handle flicks and precision aiming just as well as most mouse players. It's actually extremely satisfying watching these pen method videos so I'm gonna check out more of your vids, keep it up brother!

  2. Playing with drawing tablet since 2014 xD I discovered to do this after a long drawing (sculpting) session and just wanted to play sum games but didnt want to switch to my mouse. I loved it and did it for years but now I have a Cinitq ( I'm a 3D character artist btw) and it's not working as good as with a lil Intuos. Maybe I try to find it again and use it to play again ^^

  3. The thing is that why people don't draw with mouse is that it is hard to be precise but tablet help to increase the precision to almost 90%. I'm curious how well it gonna work with FPS games. Gonna try it out, such a good idea

  4. So you're saying my pen has TWO uses. >:) I'm guessing you can't use it with the game playing on the tablet? Either it would drop frames or would be considered cheating, is my guess.

  5. When it comes to sensitivity, I usually just use AbstractQbit's Radial Follow Smoothing, it gives smoothing and good stability. Just don't allow the Screen Coordinates option as it seems to have issues with 3D games, unlike in osu!

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