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14 Gedanken zu „Abschließende Gedanken zur Erweiterung und Champion-Ranglisten | Weg der Champions“
  1. i just came back to the game after taking a longer break, kinda hoping that some of the problems i had with the game mode would be fixed.

    i want to be clear: i love the concept of tpoc, and i honestly feel it would be a great tool in riots hands to tell us more about the lore of runeterra and the champs in general, especially in the wake of the huge success that arcane was.
    that being said:
    -its immensely clear that theres very little resource dedicated to the game mode. the monthly challenge looks interesting, sure, but no rewards and no extra xp will result in bad engagement numbers at the end of the day, which wont convince anyone higher up that the mode deserves more effort put into it. them saying "we'd rather give you more champs instead of finishing the storylines that the original champs got" (remember those?) is just dumbimo.
    -the reward systems are stingy af. no dupe protection on shards or relics in itself is egregious, especially if you consider that depending on your luck, you can get as low as 35-40 wild shards a week including the ones you get from your weekly challenge chests rolling you dupes. same with the quest that says "raise 2 out of the 3 new champs to 2*" rewarding you TEN shards. an investment that even if you get all the free resources for it from the PAID pass costs you FORTY shards.

    i mean, i get it. if you cant make new adventures because your boss says no, the only way to prolong the life of your content is to create artificial scarcity in your leveling systems, to slow them down as much as possible. the problem with that is that ppl are going to just stop playing your game. as long as hearthstone doesnt kill itself (getting close to it tho lol) and marvel snap taking everyone by storm, tpoc is the one unique game mode involving a major fantasy world with lots of lore and already established characters. shame they dont capitlize on it.

  2. Samira to me feels like on the same power level as let's say Vayne. Not quite Diana/Jax/Jinx OP, but extremely good and worthy of (lower) S tier. I've beaten ASol with her at 2 stars and level 20 without much trouble (friendly advice: Avoid Ashe battle at all cost in ASol run with Samira!). Her only problem is she's very champ reliant, but everything else is fantastic

  3. What do you think if they added more campaigns for us to get relics? I personally think it would be cooler, because we get more adventures to complete, and also more fun to earn them instead of just buying them.

  4. 3:10 I would be happy if it gave more xp (like a LOT more, to make it a better way to farm than paths) but i undertsand that it would still be a non-reward for true farmers who already have all champs level 30.

  5. Thanks for the video. My problem is that Samira got 90% of the time countered by the bonus of „you start every round with the attack token“. But is quite funny with the 2 relics u have got and the 2 fleeting copie thinks.

  6. I’m quite new to this game mode and still have most units at 1 star or not unlocked… I get some character shards when leveling my characters, why are they all of those I have already 3 stars. I think already more than 50 fragments have turned to 1 or 2 fragments each time 🙁

  7. I cant comprehends why we are not getting atleast 1 Prominent champ a month.
    Now that many champs have been rotated out of standard, There is even more reason to add those rotated champs.
    it's crazy that we still don't have Riot staples like Ahri and the like.

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