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38 Gedanken zu „Das dümmste Argument in der Geschichte von Valorant💀“
  1. I mean that flash was dumb, didn’t say sorry, I would be triggered too, 0-4 mean he didn’t do shit in those round, as he lied that he got skin about it? Mic is not unnecessary if you don’t have brain. Like Bruh

  2. I hate ppl who keep typing in the chat and talking shit but don't use their mics like if you're gonna keep typing like a pussy stop talking shit and play the game and they're always the ones going negative

  3. One dumb thing is that I commented on a demon slayer post about what was happening and the YouTuber that goes by Titancamreaman replied saying “IM GOING TO REPORT YOUR COMMENT FOR BEING SEXSIST”so I reply with “how is it Sexsist?”and he replied with “YOU DIDN’T SAY WHAT GENDER SANAMI WAS”I don’t need to say the gender

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