Gnar Teemo Tristana Impact Swarm Deckliste: Code: CQCACBQGDUAQOCQJAEDQMCAHAUFGS4DUQUA2OANXAHDACAYBAYDB4AIHAYCAEBIKMCQQCA QBAECAQAIGBILQ 00:00 Spiel 1 04:55 Spiel 2 09:11 Spiel 3 14:17 Spiel 4 20:58 Spiel 5 31: 18 Spiel 6 Sonnig: Twitch ★ Twitter ★ Discord ★ TikTok ★ https://www Geschäftliche E-Mail ★ [email protected] Tritt diesem Kanal bei, um Zugang zu Vorteilen zu erhalten ★ Snnuy, Mogwai, MajinBae, GrappLr spielen alle Legends of Runeterra. Rangliste, Saisons, die besten Decks, Deckführer, neue Events und neue Decks. LoR ist ein Kartenspiel, das auf League of Legends-Champions basiert. Legends of Runeterra ist ein digitales Sammelkartenspiel aus dem Jahr 2020, das von Riot Games entwickelt und veröffentlicht wurde. Inspiriert vom physischen Sammelkartenspiel Magic: The Gathering und Hearthstone. #lor #LegendsofRuneterra #Snnuy

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32 Gedanken zu „Das ist derzeit das BESTE Deck im Spiel – Legends of Runeterra“
  1. May I ask you to take a look at this khahiri/ekko deck? I’d wish to tell you how it works, but I’m definitely sure you know how it works


  2. what i noticed is when you play Teemo on one and then hit nexus your oponent has great chance of drawing shroom next turn. I didnt do any test, i was just paying attention if i drew shroom on turn 2 if teemo connected turn one and i always did.

  3. I've been playing tris since rotation was added and climbed to diamond. Suddenly the recent patch buffed so many of my decks: Weapon Tris, Noxus Tris, Damacia Tris, Targon Tris. At this point i'm worried they would nerf her and make her unplayable again cause she's the only deck I play atm.

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  5. about that starting discussion xD
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  6. Speaking of Prize Fight burn damage, one cool combo in Eternal is using leveled Vi and a bunch of Prize Fights for an OTK. Not nearly as reliable as Bandle swarm impact, but a very fun and flavorful deck for a champion that rarely got the spotlight!

  7. Was playing against only this deck the other night. At the time I was playing Kayne Aatrox and just wiped the floor with it every time, went like 5-0 in the match up. Usually won by casting World Ender on a board of equipped units too, which feels great.

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