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21 Gedanken zu „Dieser Patch wird alles durcheinander bringen | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. A very good patch. Red Gwen will still be the best deck in the entire game but maybe some stuff on tier 1 and tier 2 will move around.

    Overall i even think that red gwen was buffed this patch. Quietus is just a generic card that can be changed and eye of nagaboros nerf targets Red Gwen's counters. Swain tf was very good vs gwen kat because in the latest version they need to actually play the game and not smash free attack to bypass stuns.

  2. This is exciting. All the nerfs feel good, with he exception of weight maybe, though it's technically a rework. Soul cleave actually seems really good in the right contexts, specifically viego but probably others too. As far as buffs, hate spike and albus ferros are the only ones that seem interesting, though quietus nerf is a huge buff to a lot of things.

  3. Really shocked by the Lucian nerf, because that's what it is, cards from the earlier sets that are and have been balanced ever since should not really be touched after they have been totally fine for several years

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