Deckliste: Code: CEDACAIFAEAQMBBOAEDAKIABA4CQEAQBAQ2DQAYFAQLBQGIDAEBQKDABBACQOAYFAQKRUHYDA EAQKDYBAUCQGAIGAQRA 0:00 – Deck Tech 11:42 – Hat das Gameplay Spaß gemacht? Lasst ein Like da und ABONNIEREN! Es ist kostenlos! Kostenlos ist gut! Abonnieren Sie meinen Kanal: Ich streame dieses Spiel oft auf Twitch, folgen Sie mir dort: Senden Sie mir Ihre Deckbilder: [email protected] Folgen Sie mir auf Twitter: #megamogwai #legendsofruneterra #lor

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45 Gedanken zu „HEIMERDINGER’s Anti-Meta-Kontrolle | Legends of Runeterra-Deck“
  1. Your decks may not be strongest but it’s definitely competitive mate. And most of them are fun to play which is the important part of them. Thank you again for returning LOR

  2. Maybe not the most popular take, but I think you should upload even the decks that fail. The failing is a lesson and we are all here for the lessons, so I think it could still be a positive experience for all. If you comment on why the deck fails even better, cause you can teach thought process and that's very valuable for everyone, I think

  3. of all the decks you showcased, i think your piloting that I like the most is with heimer jayce
    it's such a cool and hard deck to play and every time you bring this one back, it's like you never stopped playing it

    cool vid as always!

  4. Bro i love your videos and your content and i see that you have an strict ethict of work leaving that aside you are a Streamer and youtuber you can update whenever you want and at ñeast i speak for me when i say i will be here to check on the content and give you my support. Sorry for the writing mistakes and lot of love from Venezuela bro😊

  5. It’s kinda sad that in order to counter a shadow isles deck you also need a shadow isles deck. I know balancing is hard but should always aim for a rock paper scissor kind of meta.

  6. I never thought of doubling something like Vengeance only to boost Albus. That's funny. And Passage doing the work in this meta. Nice to see. This is one of those cards that look like nothing until the meta is just right. Good video and good luck.

  7. I feel like Passage Unearned is definitely underrated. Many decks involve summoning units outside of simply playing them. A lot of cheese involves summoning a bunch of units at once and overwhelming the opponent, which gets shut down with this spell

  8. Mogwai I think it would be a cool idea if every now and then you play with decks that u already made, maybe changing some small things to adaptem to the meta changes. So you would't feel so pressured about making a brand new deck and we get content assured.

  9. It really amazes me how good of a player you are. I'm currently at platinum and am still struggling with reading the game and calculating moves ahead. Yet you do it so easily. You've been my favorite LOR youtuber for a while now mog. Thanks for keeping me company throughout the sleepless nights.

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