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47 Gedanken zu „KAISAs getarnter Horror | Legends of Runeterra-Deck“
  1. i agree about the morgana/morde and other abusive decks, i think we as community need to complain directly to LoR team at all times for them to finally do their jobs and not just half ass it with just nerfing heisho

  2. Try doing the gauntlet runs instead of playing in Masters, you run into much better deck variety and will keep it a bit more fun until the new patch hits. Agreed this meta has been one of the best but definitely feels stale now!

  3. Maybe it's worth playing other modes of this game, just to distract yourself a little. Or maybe (more difficult) create some kind of unofficial tournament format with others?..

    Unfortunately, I haven’t entered the game for a long time (I don’t know all the changes), but I deeply understand this state.

    The content you make is very interesting and the decks are really creative!)
    Stay strong, MegaMogwai. You are a beam of light among the impenetrable darkness of meta!❤

  4. Would it be interesting to play Standard|Casual instead of ranked? In casual, you'll see the most creative decks for the payoff that they are not optimal and lose a lot. I try to build my own decks and get rekt in casual.

  5. My brother had this really cool idea when Kai'sa first came out of putting her in lurk decks to give her the keyword and let her scale super hard. Regrettably, lurk decks only stack lurk damage after you have the keyword and the keyword doesn't apply to all other copies of Kai'sa. Twas quite sad. 🙁

  6. Dont worry, even low elo isnt any different:). Im gold and I basically dont play against anything else than Viego, Morde, Morgana, Galio and Elder in whatever composition. They really need to balance it

  7. To the topic you menioned Mogwai about the repeating Decks: That is not only in masters but in every elo! It´s so boring! And it got even worse with the introduction of standard and eternal. I think that ruined the Game a bit. At least for me. I cant make any of my cool ideas in standard because all the cool combos are eternal. Sure, i could be playing eternal but not ranked.. For example i love the champs Azir and Irelia, but never even once played Azirelia back when it was Meta BECAUSE it was Meta. I dont enjoy overhyped decks and instead try to win with my own creations. Much more fun and rewarding! 😀 Thanks for listening to my Ted-Talk^^ Edit: I just remembered i once built a Mono-Shurima Deck (By far my favourite Deck) with all 4 Ascendeds. Now with standard i cant play it like before :/ I had a list that noone else had and i had a blast with it (i think 85% W/L in plat-dia) That felt so rewarding doing it with a non Copypaste deck!

  8. Whenever there is a set in Stone meta on ranked matches I would suggest you to do content with viewers or others streamers or concept that doesn't involve ranking so you have refreshing gameplay and content as well as not being bored

  9. Do a climb where you can only play the deck of the last opponent you beat until you beat another player with it and take over that other player's deck !!

    Could be fun since you can easily copy an opponent's deck with the after-game screen.

  10. Mogwai I just found out today you came back to LOR I stopped watching right when you hade the announcement you were coming back 😂 but I’m tuned in you were the whole reason I played reinstalling rn

  11. I find that Voice of the Risen is an excellent addition to this deck, giving all allies (including husks) +2/+0 if either Evelyn or kaisa have leveled, both have fairly easy level up conditions (especially ev)

  12. This game is great but it just doesn't feel like your playing a card game y'know. I was one of that players who have never created their own decks and im glad i realized using meta decks is not what makes a card enjoyable.
    Really I believe people does not play this game as a card game. I dont know why people enjoying just climbing with some meta decks.

  13. The reason a lot of people just copy paste decks and play them is because the only thing they care about is actually playing the game. To a lot of people creating a fun and unique deck that doesn't totally suck is time consuming and not worth it. They would rather spend their time actually using their cards. Especially to top players, understanding what makes a deck work and perfecting their technical play is way more important than innovating the meta.

  14. that's why i can't play runeterra for more than a few weeks after a new patch. too many sheep copying the top 5 decks and that's all you run into. i literally have to go out of my way to find people who make their own decks so i can actually have fun, but i shouldn't have to spend so much effort just to enjoy the game. it's a shame gaming these days is people logging in and trying to earn their video game points in the fastest way possible. they don't even care if they are having fun. it's so pathetic

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