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38 Gedanken zu „Kann Kai’Sa die Leereninvasion von Bel’Veth stoppen? | Kai’Sa-Überlieferung“
  1. I know Kai'sa's lore was made before this became mainstream, but I can't stand the trope of an otherworldly invasion where the main character gets the powers of their invaders to use against them.

  2. If Bel'veth and her event lore in LoL is anything to go by, Kai'sa can not only not stop the invasion, she has her suit take over her. A lil bit. Pretty mean. I can't wait for Kassadin in LoR tho. Gimme that spellshield anti-champion champion!

  3. Kia'sa doesn't even have the intelligence to keep her void armor on in active combat, let alone in the void, where everything, including the light and air, is bent on your destruction. And she somehow hasn't developed self presevation skills in a decade of fighting for her life, to a point where in the void, where, I must stress, even inanimate substances like light and air hunger for your death, she doesn't even redon her armor WHEN A WALL EXPLODES IN FRONT OF HER RELEASING A FLOOD OF VOID CREATURES! And don't get me started on her developing complicated sentai poses when learning to fight by fights to the death, her counting when the main thing she fights are uncountable hoards of voidlings, or her mysterious british accent which she doesn't share with her father, the void(as hilarious as all void creatures having a british accent would be), or the rest of her continent.

    If we judge by Kia'sa, the void is vastly overblown as a threat, and everything else that has come into contact with it are just pansies(the ancient sunborn warriors with godlike power fared worse against the void than this child with the fighting sensibility and self presevation skills of a toddler.).

    I love everything about the void, but I can't get invested in the story because they decided this Power Rangers Super Spy British Barbie was going to be the fulcrum of it rather than the jaded, mentally scarred, half feral survivor her lore tries to sell her as. It makes the fact that they had a design inspired by Samus Aran(one of my favorite characters and exactly the sort of personality that could have sold what they intended Kaisa to be) and they went with this more insulting, because she actively ruins the fraction and stories she is involved with, all because they can't slow down on the rateching up the sex appeal even if it is necessary to deliver a coherent and compelling story.

    We already have characters like Eve, Ahri, MF, Samira who do everything Kaisa tries to do but better and more fitting for their stories, and half the female case who are needlessly sexy but in a way where it doesn't hurt the story they are trying to tell. Kaisa didn't need to be this by any stretch of the imagination, and yet they forced it in where it would weaken the danger of an existential threat to existence.

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