Elise gegen Asol | Pfad der Champions. #legendsofruneterra #lor #pathofchampions #poc #riotgames #riot #lol #leagueoflegends #arcane #guide #tips #tipsandtricks #newpatch #arclight

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  1. I destroyed him just now as a lvl 11 2 star Elise. I used the scout relic. Key items on Elise: she started in my hand, had barrier, captured the strongest enemy, also started an attack on summon. Key powers: lvl allies get +2/+2, evolution, random keyword on summon, fury on every ally.

    At first i got refill spell mana every round so i went for hard removal to clear early levels like fiora, ashe, etc. (got cost reduced crumble for example). After that as soon as I put down Elise she had like 7 attack with a 7-8 attack spiderling, the enemy could not defend because it was captured, and she started an attack with scout which means i could get a second attack even on the enemy turn.

    Posted vid on reddit.

  2. What's the best alternative to galeforce? Btw is this relic unobtainable now? I still remember seeing it as a reward on the event pass/quest and didnt pay much attention to it since I just assumed it'll be a possible reward from the reliquaries. What a miss 😢.

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