Senden Sie Ihre Wiederholungen an Falconpaladin unter gmail dot com mit dem Betreff Brood War! #StarCraft #StarCraftRemastered #broodwar 00:00 Falcon wacht auf 7:26 Falcon sagt Hallo! 9:46 LOSER gegen Tuff-krigare ZvZ auf Neo Dark Origin 15:46 Hurakami gegen ||||||| PvZ auf Citadel 50:01 PotatoTerran vs. Ja_Do auf Radeon 1:04:24 Artosis vs. shuiyazi5 auf Vermeer CRAZY GAME 1:30:41 Motive vs. Queen PvZ auf Neo Dark Origin 1:54:28 Light vs. Mini PvT auf Heartbreak Ridge 2: 03:18 Nibbler 3v3 FME PPZvTZZ 2:24:14 Wk’Cross und Nibbler 3v3 FME! PPZvTTZ 3:01:31 Phantom Mode #1 RJB ESedler DarkKnight DetroitBulk ToyCop Psychonuts Toma Hamster 3:25:01 Phantom Mode #2 BabyTRex Chad_GOOSE CanIplayplz Realultra RJB JohnDoe ESedler SaviorSword 3:57:39 Phantom Mode #3 Realultra DarkKnight Gallons 32A SaviorSword Psychonuts JohnDoe 09 FFA STEAL THE BACOM SaviorSword CanIplayplz Toma kokomi 5:59:30 Falcon Unrest FFA JohnDoe RJB ToyCop 32A Detroitbulk Gallons CanIplayplz Striker

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11 Gedanken zu „Licht! Mini! Artosis! Motiv! Königin! Phantommodus! FFA! – StarCraft Brood War – 2024“
  1. Artosis clearly had the win in a base race, as you said. Easy to say this as a spectator with full map vision, but chasing the carriers rather than going for the buildings was an epically bad decision lol

  2. Artosis really could have went with a Wraith composition a lot sooner to counter that mass Carrier over the terrain that the Goliaths can’t traverse over. Even if shuiyazi countered Artosis’ Tank attack with DTs, those can’t hit air. The Protoss would have had no answer to the Wraith counter at that point in the game since he had 0 probes and really low mineral count. This and Arty could have also mad dashed his Tanks to the Protoss Main Town sooner as well.

  3. Dang i missed the end of the arty game live that day you streamed it. Glad i went back to watch it,HILARIOUS! Was def different without the mario erotica spamming in the background. I want to see that game live on artys cam XD Gonna try and be there for the live games next sunday. Keep at it Falcon,you're the best!

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