► Komm und tritt dem ABG Discord bei: https://discord.gg/vAJFwySQ4y , ich werde auf dem Server sein, also schick mir eine Nachricht an KrinBits#6361 ► Vor zwei Jahren wurde Riven in Legends of Runeterra: Riots Kartenspiel veröffentlicht. Dies war der erste Noxus-Champion, der als Feind der Region bezeichnet wurde. Ist Rivens Design in Legends of Runeterra gut? Lass uns in weniger als 60 Sekunden über ihren Champion sprechen. Was willst du als nächstes sehen? Ich poste wöchentlich jeden Dienstag und Samstag um 8:00 Uhr Pazifik! ► Unterstütze den Kanal!: Spenden und Vergünstigungen: https://www.patreon.com/Krinbits Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Krinbits Twitter: https://twitter.com/KrinBits #LegendsofRuneterra # LoL #LoR

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11 Gedanken zu „Riven war ein zu gutes Design, als es in LoR ​​veröffentlicht wurde || Rivens Design Hot Take #LoR #PlayRuneterra“
  1. I know giving Riven multi region would be a nice lore addition, but it would completely screw the balance of the game. For once you give Ionia a way to obtain Overwhelm, wich isn't a good idea in itself. Secoundly she has no followers in Ionia and adding some would make the first point even more severe.
    Thing is besides lore connection, champs are also put into the regions they make sense in balance and theme wise. Examples being Nocturne, Kindred, Veigar, Tham, Rumble…

  2. Giving Lee Sin access to a 1 mana focus speed overwhelm buff without having to go outside of Ionia would be a serious mistake. Yes it would make sense for her lorewise, but unfortunately in this game you have to think about like five dozen other cards when you want to change one card

  3. Man, I wish Riven or more like the reforge keyword got a mini rework that makes the blade of the exile becomes an equipment instead of a spell. Its just doesn't make any sense seing equipment's existence in runeterra and also the existence of forge while the keyword reforge wasn't even equipment related keyword

  4. i really wish they’d switch kindred to being runeterra region given how lore wise they don’t even touch the shadow isles, and how all their companion cards are death gods of different regions

  5. Riven and her support cards actual depict a long multi chapter story known as sisterhood of war, it chronicles the story of her former ward band after the way of Ionia and eventual recapture of riven and her runeblade.

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