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35 Gedanken zu „SHENs zorniger Reiter | Legends of Runeterra-Deck“
  1. Wrathful Rider should get a buff… Obviously, Firespitter is a total imba card and Rider won't beat it, but if it had an effect similar to one of its "sisters", something like receiving Overwhelm for one turn after playing it? …Either a hit effect that gives Reforge, or a play that triggers Reforge twice.Such effects would rather fit the theme of the card, because she is one of Riven's war sisters and her task is to recover the rune sword, so giving her the Reforg effect would be a cool option, it would still be a worse version of Firespitter, but certainly more interesting than currently, and who knows, maybe it would be used somewhere if it gave two fragments when played?Of course, it would be a larger version of the Rune Squire, so it wouldn't be an original change, but you know, there are a lot of options.

    – Strike: Reforge.

    – When I am summoned, gain Overwhealm this turn.

    – When summoned, I gain +1/+1 for each time you Reforge in this game.

    – Whenever a Blade Fragment is played on an ally, play it additionally on me.

    Many cards would need such mini atmospheric reworks, because there are a lot of hopeless cards in the game that don't play anywhere, because there are better versions of them xD

  2. I have to say I love the meta right now. its the most fun and u ique its ever been. which says a lot for a card game. ofc there are clear winners like elder dragon with how much it opened up the deck building process, but all of the cards seem really good. Excited to see the next batch and hoping itll be just as good.

    I wish hecarim would come back to standard tho 🙁

  3. Protip: almost every Shadow Isles deck can be expected to run at least one copy of Ruination. It's the game's most powerful contingency card and always worth a slot.

    Passing with six mana was a tell.

    This message is for the people reading the comments, not Mogwai himself, who knows this already.

  4. Hola Mogwai, hace tiempo no juego Runaterra pero siempre veo tus videos. Bilgwater es muy malo en estos momentos , ningun deck que tenga a Gangplank es viable? Saludos gracias por el contenido!

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