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39 Gedanken zu „Sie MÜSSEN diese Einstellungen ändern (Valorant-Tipps)“
  1. Limit fps can help your cpu, you can set it to about 10-20 frames higher than what it’s at when it runs on no limit, and it will actually be more stable because it’s not constantly trying to push itself.

  2. It really does matter the fps. Having high fps and having it drop for any reason will cause extreme lag. The Vsync also helps to limit fps drops. Both limiting fps and turning on Vsync helps to limit frame drops which cause input delay

  3. You limit fps cause if your system is too good you will get unnecessary frames. My gpu was getting mauled cause I had limit fps off on low setting and it was going like 70 degrees at 2000 frames. The most you need is 360 and when I capped it, it stopped stuttering and I was at a cool 34 degrees

  4. Im using both of those settings.

    I got laptop that I have to limit to 200fps to make sure not thermal throttling

    And I use vsync because my refresh rate is bigger than my fps (240hz vs 200 fps) enabling it when fps <= refresh rate is lowering input lag

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