Tag 1 der LoR Open!! (Un)offiziell Siren Song Open genannt. Ich brauche 9-2, um am zweiten Tag des Turniers in die Top-Cut vorzudringen. Decks und Codes: Fizz Targon: CIDACBAGBUAQMBQ6AEDASEIBA4DCCAQDBERUSAYCAYESQLQDAEDQMAYCAYESGJQDAMEQ2F2YAEAQEBQY https://masteringruneterra.com/deck/CIDACBAGBUAQMBQ6AEDASEIBA4DCCAQDBERUSAYCAYESQLQDAEDQMAYCAYESGJQDAMEQ2F2YAEAQEBQ Y/ Lucian Illaoi Siren Song: CIDACBAGBUAQMABJAEDQMIICAEABMHIDAYDAMHA6AQBAMCIYFA5AEAIFAYAQCBQGA4AA https://masteringruneterra.com/deck/CIDACBAGBUAQMABJAEDQMIICAEABMHIDAYDAMHA6AQBAMCIYFA5AEAIFAYAQCBQGA4AA/ Karma Sett PnZ: CEDQCAICFEAQ CBBUAEBAEBIBAMCAWAIHAQEQEBQECIKAIBYCBMIRGFADAEAQEMIBAYCC4AIHAIGQCAIBAIBA https://masteringruneterra.com/deck/CEDQCAICFEAQCBBUAEBAEBIBAMCAWAIHAQEQEBQECIKAIBYCBMIRGFADAEAQEMIBAYCC4AIHAIGQCAIBAIBA/ Tracker: https://www.lormaster.com/ Finden Sie mich auf: Twitch: https://www .twitch.tv/majiinbaelor Twitter: https://twitter.com/MajiinBaeLoR Meine Website! https://masteringruneterra.com/ Mein Podcast Mastering Runeterra: YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWOAxdPwKAKItl_B4GRffA Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/49xjHNbzVwG9ZEurUQH8Qn I-Tunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/mastering-runeterra/id1556960343 Timest Verstärker: 0:00 Spiel 1 13:00 Spiel 2 31:28 Spiel 3 49:15 Spiel 4 1:06:10 Spiel 5 1:28:42 Spiel 6 1:54:50 Spiel 7 2:21:35 Spiel 8

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32 Gedanken zu „Speedrunning des LoR Open Tournament mit kaputten Decks“
  1. Round 1 game 2 – absolutely disgusting, there was absolutely 0% chance of your opponent winning once you played your 8/9 one-drop with triple keywords. Siren Song is just not okay.

  2. You posted a great performance, but please forgive me if I say that was a REALLY boring run. You know there's a problem when people bring the same two decks and a third wildcard.

  3. Taking syncopation over pirouette when your opponent has 3 hp and you have a levelled Karma is wild lol

    Anyways great games as usual big guy. Ik the meta is busted rn, i can see the joylessness on your face, but even with broken decks the skill was still on full display. Cheers!

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