Willius wird zum VALORANT-Bösewicht und verwandelt die Rede von Erwin Smith aus Attack on Titan in seinen eigenen #valorant #valorantshorts #attackontitan #aot #anime

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  1. ff? No. Every kill that you thought had meaning. Every Eco, Clutch, Defuse. None of that matters as you see the screen of Defeat. None of it changes what a bullet does to a body. We all Die. But does that mean those past rounds were meaningless? does that mean that there was no point in clicking start queue? Would you say that to your slain duo? What about their lives? were they meaningless? They were Not. Their icons serve an examble to us all. The courageous fallen, the anguished fallen. their lives have meaning because we, the living refuse to forget them. As we swing into an Op to certain death. We trust our duelist to trade us. Because my teammates do not buckle or yield to face the cruelty of a smurf.
    My solders Dash, My solders Swing, My solders Raaaaage.

  2. Bro you need to voice a valorant character that’s like a leader duelist and when they make a trailer for him you gotta do something like this it would the most gas character ever

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