Als der neue Patch gestern live ging, fragten mich die Leute immer wieder, welche Region ich mit Sett Karma koppeln sollte? Nun, ich habe beschlossen, durch strenge Tests (z. B. 5 Spiele) endgültig zu beweisen (ich habe gerade meine Meinung geäußert), welches Deck ein für alle Mal das beste ist! (Es könnte sich innerhalb eines Patches ändern) Viel Spaß!! Deckcode: – Targon: CICQCAICFEAQEAQFAIBQSFZTAIDQSAIDAQDQECYRCMKAEAQDBFKGAAQGBERCWAQBAQEQ2AIGAISA – Piltover n Zaun: CECQCAICFEAQCBBUAEBAEBICAYCBELQFA4BAWDIRCMKAIAIBAIYQCAYEBMAQMBBCAEDQICIBAIDAICIU – Schatteninseln: CEDACAICFEAQ CBIBAEBAEBIBAYCS4AIHAUBAKBYCBMGRCEYUAQAQCBIUAECQKAYBAYBA4AIGAUQAEAIBAIYQCAIFB4 Deck Link: – Targon: – Piltover n Zaun: CECQCAICFEAQCBBUAEBAEBICAYCBELQFA4BAWDIRCMKAIAIBAIYQCAYEBMAQMBBCAEDQICIBAIDAICIU/ – Schatteninseln: Spur äh: Finden Sie mich auf: Twitch: Twitter: https :// Meine Website! Mein Podcast Mastering Runeterra: YT: Spotify: I-Tunes: https:/ / Intro-Musik: Zeitstempel: 0:00 Intro 0:34 Spiel 1 9 :05 Spiel 2 25:00 Spiel 3 40:51 Spiel 4 Bearbeitet von Calpolmeister 🙂 #lor #sett #karma

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23 Gedanken zu „Was ist die beste Version von Sett Karma?“
  1. Meta slaving is definitly a thing in competitive play. A soft example is people picking up Fox in melee thinking it was a solved games years before we met the world's best Yoshi player. A great example is regular league of legends, where people are so busy playing conservatively that there were many unexplored and viable strats hidden in the weeds. How long was Catalog in the game before people thought it was a card?

  2. At 8:16 someone in chat said “I will say if there is one valid complain against karma is that it forced all other control decks completely out of the meta”

    This is patently NOT true. This would be true if the meta was literally all control decks, then yes the control deck that beats the other control decks is the best, but that is not reality.

    What do you guys think is the better control deck, the one that does better Into the general field


    The control deck that beats other control decks?

    If you care about winrate, you’ll probly pick the first one.

    How can people say Karma kills other control decks when Jayce/Heimer and Nora decks are thriving??? Are those just not control decks now or something?

  3. I love your philosophy towards competitive play. It annoys me so much how people try to belittle being competitive and trying to win saying you should play X or Y off meta deck

  4. Okay, so once again I'm forced to agree with your stance that there's nothing wrong with playing the good decks. That said, watching Puffcaps take down Karma/Sett brings that triumphant feeling of watching the underdogs win in a sports movie.

  5. My favorite version of Sett Karma is with Bilgewater. And instead of Karma, she gets nerfed into the dirt and it's Jack instead. Oh wait that didn't happen because apparently infinite mana generation in game breaking proportions is "healthy" according to them :/

  6. For the meta Vs off-meta, I valid reason to not play the best decks is if they just don't really fit your playstyle, making the mirror harder.

    If you playing a popular deck gives you that decks matchups, but gives you a bad matchup against the deck itself, then it can be worse than playing a deck that isn't as good, but you have more confidence in.

  7. I wish more of the tcg world could just accept that people like winning. It's a problem in every competitive game, but I feel like card games are the absolute worst about complaining about good strategies. Even the FGC has a better mindset about competitive play and good characters, and the FGC complains about everything.

  8. Hey you! Playing against Karma Sett and they got into mana 10? Just ff. I know you might win, and its not optimal, but just ff. You won't be happy with whatever cards they have in hand, you're mental health will suffer. Just ff and move on.

  9. I think the climbing meta vs off meta thing can be thought of as this: the game at the normal players level and the game at the highest level of play are 2 entirely different games with the same game engine.

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