Anmerkung des Herausgebers: Ich hatte einen ziemlich coolen Reflexionsmoment, als ich dies bearbeitete, darüber, wie VIEL ein College-Student ich bin und wie seltsam mein Leben ist. Ich saß da, bearbeitete ein Video für einen 126k-Sub-YT-Kanal, nachdem ich gerade um 23:59 Uhr ein Projekt eingereicht hatte, aß Kraft-Mac und Käse mit Garnelen an der Seite, da mein Mitbewohner welchen gemacht hatte, während mein Körper mich um Schlaf bat vor dem morgigen 8-Uhr-Kurs. Mein Leben wird immer komischer Mann. Ich muss wirklich aufhören, Aufgaben aufzuschieben, aber jedes Mal, wenn ich vor der Arbeit stehe, habe ich das Gefühl, buchstäblich alles zu tun, außer zu arbeiten. Treten Sie diesem Kanal bei, um Zugang zu Vorteilen zu erhalten: #lor #LegendsofRuneterra #GrappLr Abonnieren Sie für weitere Videos! ► Youtube 2: ► Twitch: ► Twitter: ► Reddit: https://www ► Discord: ► Mobalytics: Deck https: // CQCACBIBB4BACAIJGIBQKCRKGGTACAYGBIHRCFIEAEAQCAYBAUFACAIGBIJQEBABBIGAEAIGBILQEBIKDKMAC Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:21 Game 1 12:28 Game 2 18:50 Bonus Scene Editor: Swagger42069 https: //

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47 Gedanken zu „WIR MACHEN DIESES DECK TIER 1! | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. I used to play this game about a year ago. I was never really good at the game, but I still enjoyed watching your videos. I came back a few weeks ago to try it again after watching you play so many matches, am now Plat and about to reach Diamond with this deck, so I gotta say, thank you because I only got this far by watching your vids and learning from them

  2. I think we will. When I started playing this a week or two ago I had an awful Wingate with it. Atm I'm on a winning streak and getting very close to masters I just need one win more and I'll be diamond 1 which is a first for me. It's just a satisfying deck to play even for a long time.

  3. I get you Swagger, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I have an exam (written + oral exam the next morning if not the hour after the written exam) next week for which I still have to turn in the IMMENSELY TIME CONSUMING assignments + have to study for the exam itself. And I just do that without doing anything on the side! Huge props to you man! I can barely do anything else besides studying, and I'm really slow at thar as well.
    I really gotta start working during the night…

  4. It is tier 1, i reched masters for the first time with it easy, naybe not tier 1 but competitive. I got destroyed by aatrox kayn, is it just me or its bad against them. And with new quietus and aatrox kayn deck nerf i think it will be even better

  5. I understand you editor.

    I have a whole mess I’d rather not explain lmao, but I’m practically in the same situation.

    I’ll use your note as motivation to do my best at least for today.

    I hope you have a good class ❤

  6. Is it allowed to post deckcodes here to propose a deck? I am asking cause i never saw any and there is a crazy funny and broken deck im playing since two days, i want grapplr to play it and scream "VALUUUUE" =D

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