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24 Gedanken zu „10 Tipps, die ich Ihnen nicht verraten sollte“
  1. As someone who makes a lot of calls, it is SO nice when others input their ideas and what they want to do, more often then not it actually makes it easier to win since I then plan around what works best for you

  2. The part about having fun is so true, whenever my team loses pistol round on defense I always make the call "let's 5 stack a site and bomb rush them with classics" I then proceed to make calls like a swat team member leading his team through a hostage situation, some of the most fun and most interesting thrifty rounds I've ever had.

  3. I m the guy that always asks for the knife-kill XD
    I can give you a trick for being AFK whitout getting banned (it worked to me, but you must do it correctly):
    Just leave something with the ammount of weigth required to press "W" and your character will walk, so riot will think you are not AFK (This doesnt saves you from being reported). You can even use your headphones (i used that)

  4. Yeah the instalock not being able to play smokes ain’t a good thing. Instalocking is OKAY. But not knowing how to play smokes is very different. Brim is seriously one of the easiest characters to learn. It takes 1-2 rounds. If you can’t be bothered to learn that, you shouldn’t be playing the game.

  5. tysm for reminding me that valorant isn't everything!! The other day, I was so angry at my brother for trolling in a competitive game with me and I got deranked… but it's ok he is a great brother and I realised valorant isn't everything 🙂

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