#legendsofruneterra #lor #pathofchampions In diesem Video gehe ich auf das meiner Meinung nach größte Problem im Path of Champions ein. Hat dir dieses Video gefallen? Erwägen Sie, ein Like zu hinterlassen und auf die Schaltfläche „Abonnieren“ zu klicken. Hinterlasse auch einen Kommentar, wenn du dich unterhalten möchtest. Ich lade häufig hoch, und Sie können sich die Playlists auf meinem Kanal ansehen, um eine Vorstellung davon zu bekommen, was ich hier mache. Alle 107 Level-Up-Animationen: https://youtu.be/zookiIFIEio Alle 26 Skins Level-Up-Animationen: https://youtu.be/gaa5fzDVOoE Alle Dialoge/Cutscenes von Path of Champions 1.0: https://youtu.be/ cjAVFURs1HE Path of Champions 2.0 Story-Kampagnen: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMWTGMR-svZQXy9rcvn2zo_ujnEHFjejG Path of Champions vs. Aurelion Sol: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMWTGMR-svZRl3eSFS4NGCUh_E7hKvNJe Alle Battle for Arcadia Dialogue /Zwischensequenzen: https://youtu.be/PylrNg90tZc ————————————– ————————————————– ————————————— Legends of Runeterra ist ein kostenlos spielbares digitales Spiel Sammelkartenspiel, entwickelt und veröffentlicht von Riot Games. Es wurde am 29. April 2020 für Microsoft Windows, Android und iOS veröffentlicht. Das Spiel wurde am 24. Januar 2020 in der Open Beta für Microsoft Windows veröffentlicht. Es verwendet eine Umgebung und Charaktere, die ihren Ursprung in League of Legends haben, einem Multiplayer-Online-Kampfarenaspiel von Riot Games. Legends of Runeterra ist ein rundenbasiertes Kartenspiel zwischen zwei Gegnern mit konstruierten Decks aus 40 Karten. Jeder Spieler beginnt das Match mit einer Hand aus vier zufällig aus seinem Kartendeck ausgewählten Spielkarten, einem Nexus mit 20 Gesundheitspunkten und null Mana. Das Ziel des Spiels ist es, den Nexus des Gegners auf null Gesundheitspunkte zu bringen.

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38 Gedanken zu „Das GRÖSSTE PROBLEM NUMMER EINS mit dem Pfad der Champions, das Riot IGNORIERT | Weg der Champions 2.0“
  1. i've got duplicate jax so many times that i don't even bother anymore, i've been playing for the last month only but I can see all of your points, its really frustating… great video, hope any rioter see it

  2. Many people must provide report tickets to Riot so that problems regarding the relic and fragment systems are immediately addressed. It's a pity that new players will have trouble even uninstalling the game before they can have fun or get what they want.
    Sorry for bad english because i am using translate google.

  3. As someone who has been playing Runeterra since the beta, and then exclusively a Lab of Legends/POC player since it was introduced all these points are very well said. The shard problem has very much frustrated me since the start. Completing runs for chests and getting duplicates repeatedly was enough for me to nearly stop playing for a bit. The relic problem as well stops quite a bit of players from running builds that they might make the game more enjoyable or easy in the long run. Missing out on event relics as well is rough. I missed out on the galeforce during the event it was ran and even now I still don't know if its in the loot pool or if it was a one time thing. I really hope we get a solution to this problem as I very much enjoy the single player aspect of this game, so much so that I even spend money on the event passes for all the cool stuff it brings as well as guaranteed shards for the new champs introduced to POC. I very much enjoy your content as well for such a niche game mode in a game not a lot of people even glance at. I really hope a lot of people can get into this game mode as well for as much fun you get up to, victory is not always assured against some of the AI deck builds that can blow you away in just a couple turns. Thanks for making all the content you do and I look forward to the next upload.

  4. For me, the #1 thing I want from future version of PoC is the freedom to start an adventure on a region that I want to play, with a selectable star level (difficulty). An encounter that unique on its regional archetypes. Not a mixed region like this current version, I choose Demacia adventure but I found it Freljord inside. Or Bilgewater run but with Ionia inside. I want to feel it's regional archetype deeper, with their lore, their stories, their music, and unique card sets. Oh c'mon, Bilgewater has so many card sets, they have sea monsters, you have to deal with lurkers, plundering pirates, and many more. Not got disturbed by "recall" and "stun" mechanism from Ionia.

    #2 wish : all champion's unique stories (differs from a normal adventure), with interactive system like Arcane events before. It's a comic-like story based. But we decide how the story ends by selecting their PATHS. That's the real PATH OF CHAMPIONS.

    #3 wish : unique relics set for every champion, fairly. They could make a Gear sets maybe, a headgear slot – a gloves slot – a boots slot, each with their own upgradable tier, maybe with "socket-like" system, trinkets, etc. So it still has a grinding mechanism that makes players to grind and put their best efforts to maximizing their favourite champion.

    #4 wish : Co-op PVE systems. We could play with our friends to take down bosses together! That would be absolutely fun!
    Lets say its a 2 players Co-op, both of players pick one deck sets from 3 random available deck sets Blindly. And see how funny they should ended the adventure. Ruined or Synergized.
    They could also takes turn on selecting which PATH they should take on the next adventure or you can make it another funnier mechanism.

  5. The reliquary gave me so many jaurim's fist that i don't even bother when the game keeps converting them to 1 wild shard for each anymore 😊 And still, i have 5 unlocked champions and not a single "good" relic:(gatebreaker, galeforce, even the orb). Somehow i still manage to enjoy PoC 🤣

  6. I agree with this, I LOVE POC and ive been playing it since it was in labs and i always enjoyed playing different champions right now im lvl 22 in PoC and im struggling to even obtain 10 shards for a champion and its just ruining my fun i just want to be able to play all the champions but im stuck with like 5-7 champions grinding for more

  7. I think they could create a shop, where there would only be "wildshards" and "relicshards", so you could get any champion or relic you want. Instead of this totally random and frustrating system that currently exists.

    Thank you for this video, I'm completely agree with you.

  8. My proposed solution:

    1. No more champion-specific shards. ALL shards are wild shards. Reliquaries no longer exist— only vaults.
    2. Relics and Champions can be bought with shards.
    3. Champion shard costs increased, BUT adventures award a number of shards on completion equal to there star level, rounded up.

    Alternative idea for relics:
    You have an inventory. Instead of being scrapped for shards, duplicate relics would be stored here, as would non-duplicates. Duplicate could be "merged" to acquire new relics. Merge 3 of the same common relic to create a different common relic of your choice, or merge 9 to get a rare. Merge 3 rares to get any other relic.

  9. It is hilarious that you nerf certain things in a PVE game mode.
    Riot is also making only little money from this game mode. You can e. g. sell free fragments or champion star level upgrades for Real money.
    But they only let you buy event passes with fixed amounts of shards for the newly added champions. You can also unlock champions with real money.

    You are making great points and suggestions by saying that the game needs to prioritize the shards of champions you don't have or don't have fully upgraded. Same for the relics.
    We can only hope that they newly ignite our passion to play this game mode

  10. I very much agree. I feel like we are doubly penalized – first lack of dupe prevention/reduction, then we can reduced number of shards if champions is already maxed! Why?! I could maybe live with one of those, but those two combined are really bad.

  11. It is stupid that they don´t prioritize new characters rather than maxed out characters since you can´t spend money on poc. It could be understandable if they made money with this game mode, but since they can´t they shouldn´t do those stupid things.

  12. Im satisfied that they fix Nasus power…🥰🥰ill give to riot all the problems and i know theyll fix the fragments rewards soon…
    And also,I considered this problems as part of riots challenge🤣🤣

  13. Im starting playing runeterra in this year and im addicted to poc because how fun it was playing different champion and learn how to play certain champion but yeah the shard and relic are hard to collect i really hope there something like daily adventure other than weekly and for quest i think 4 shard is not enough

  14. I am a new player, been playing for about a month. I upgraded my highest level champion (Yasuo) to 3 stars with wild shards, because the quest required it to further progress in PoC.
    After that I got a platinum storage for legend level iirc and got shards for… Yasuo. The ONLY champion with 3 stars. How cruel is that?

  15. I think the smallest changes they could make to make it enjoyable is to boost the conversion rate or let us choose wild shard or the champion shards as a reward.
    More wild shards would boost the process of unlocking the champion you want in a timely manner, and the ability to choose will allow players to boost their favorite instead of unlocking a champion you don't like the feeling of.
    Also buying relics with wild would be fair (mostly if you want 3time the same relics on certain champion)
    Bigger change as in this video would be awesome, I'm just suggesting more minor changes that would make poc more enjoyable short term

  16. Omg so true.

    My advice for any starting players. Keep on playing. It was much worse in the original path of champions. I took a break for nearly 6 months and came back and it was a vast improvement and made so much more progress.

    Next, I did not have ludwig's Tempest as you suggested I use. I had to look it up and it seems I'm missing 2 relics that I can get from 2 character storylines. Lux and Bard.

    And yet I am still missing a good portion of rare relics and one Green rarity relic.

  17. So, I'm not going to defend riot here, not least because I agree that the system for acquiring relics and champions is rubbish, but we must remember that the biggest culprit for still having these problems was ourselves (the players) or at least a part of them, since if nobody had complained when Path of Champions 2.0 was added to the game, I bet these problems would have already been solved (small explanation here, when TPoC 2.0 was added A LOT of people started complaining that they were leaving competitive aside and that's why Riot "reallocated" the team that was working on TPoC to other projects, starting to prioritize PvP and "forgetting" PvE).

    If it weren't for those complaints, probably these problems would have been solved, we would have different things, we would probably have that "Coop Mode" that they promised at launch and many more things. So in short, Riot does have a "fault" in all of this, but for me the biggest culprit was the people who complained when the game mode came out.

  18. 100% my issue as well. I have 10 champions not unlocked and multiple relics missing. The amount of times I get duplicates is really irritating. I recently opened 40 fragments for a champion I maxed long ago, only to get 5 wild fragments. Thanks Riot.

  19. I agree with all of the points you made in this video. The main problem I saw was that they never put a "duplicate protection" policy on the champion fragments and relics so that the game stops giving you champion fragments for a champion you already got to 3 stars and/or have the max number of a relics you can run on a champion. I still have 5 common relics locked on my account, and the game still gives me the other common relics that I already max out.

    The main system I can see is that they let you buy relics for fragments, replace all vaults with wild fragment vaults which give you the same amount of shards that were in the regular vaults (bronze vaults give you 5 shards, sliver vaults give you 10 shards, gold gives 15, and platinum gives you 30 wild fragments) and double the amount each vault gives you, and/or add something to level 30 that doubles all shards and XP earned from any source since you won't be able to get any more shards from the level-up bar for your account since you maxed it out. This would make grinding much better if even a bronze vault gives you 10 wild shards and/or the regular daily quest gave 10 shards, and at least speed up the progress of unlocks so that you can unlock maybe 75% of the champions in a 2 months or so with a new account or something.

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