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29 Gedanken zu „NEUE KARTEN und Änderungen! | Legenden von Runeterra“
  1. I think Lucian is beign buffed, he wasn't played at two mana and the only deck I saw him on was Eve Lucian, a deck that lacks good 1 drops, now there is lucian, remove him or die.

  2. Quietus nerf was unnecessary and stupid. The removal in this game is already shitty, but because reddit lost their minds over this perfectly reasonable card, we lost one of the few pieces of nearly-ok removal. Card is now gutted and unplayable.

  3. i think the reason the light of icathia keeps overwhelm is so ornn can take it when hes summoned, now ornn also gets overwhelm instead of just his spirit he summons. Makes sense since they are making jax playable with regions other than demacia, so jax ornn amd jax trist are useable.

  4. If Ryze ever becomes ACTUALLY busted and too consistent, if there's any nerf they should apply, it's to make the activation of his win condition not be "Attack", but "Strike", so you can counterplay it a bit easier, by removing the defending unit, freezing, etc.
    Instead of the opponent instant winning on Open Attack, cause they happened to consistently get 5 of those landmarks, and Ryze, without you being able to do much about it, and not being able to counter the Open Attack.

    Again, only if it becomes busted.
    Making that win condition easier to counter, but not making it impossible to achieve, is healthy for the game.

  5. @18:10 it was explained by devs basically if jax has any weapon he will gain overwhelm, although he is auto equipped with overwhelm he can now let another unit equip light of Icathia to have overwhelm. Then forge Jax with let’s say the quick attack weapon and he would receive overwhelm once equipped with new weapon.

  6. I really like this patch notes, now they did in fact gave the meta a breath of fresh air in needed. Kayle, Ornn and Illaoi feels more playable and especially Illaoi since her issue was that her support cards were too strong outside of her archetype hence why so many cards from her kit got nerfed.

  7. castigate is a better ruination with kindred nasus, because now isntead of murdering all units, including kindred, now it all all followers, and if the enemy has a champion that was left alive, the kindred will mark him and kill him

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