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22 Gedanken zu „Diese BALANCE-ÄNDERUNGEN und NEUEN KARTEN werden die Dinge aufrütteln … (Reaktion auf Patch 4.1 + Review)“
  1. Kindred nasus is my favourite deck in the game and in really excited with the few buffs it's received. Castigate seems interesting but I wonder how it'd work with kindred
    Let's say the enemy has 5 spiderlings and 1 10/10 aatrox.
    When casting castigate, would all the spiderlings die at once and then the mark goes on aatrox? Or will it just get sucked up by a spider

  2. The shyvanna buffs are so cool but idk how she sees play unless she's able to be leveled with very few dragons so you don't have to play many of those shitters lol
    Maybe vayne and like 2 dragons (3 of + shyv) with weapons?? Idk if dragons can even be tier 2 like that

  3. I hate the Lucian change. It feels like a straight up nerf. It was already hard enough to stick a Lucian. Now he dies to everything and its even harder to get him in the Harrowing-pool. Now he might be played as simply an aggro unit and not his own deck anymore. (Also hot-take: Quietus should deal with total health and power 5 or less not 4, so it can deal with 1/4s)

  4. Bcause ahri isnt Buff maybe u interested into showcase my kitty kennen deck? 🙂 or deck doctor it?
    Anyways great content, u gave me the greatest Tips of all Content Creators: often its best to to nothing and I jumped from gold to diamond with only self created decks btw.

    Have a great day

  5. I think Lucian would've been fine as a 2/2, but his leveled version is only a 3/2. I get their apprehension with Rally, but because Demacia has absolutely awful card draw, you're basically forced to run him in decks with good card draw. That being Bilgewater, PnZ, and to a marginally lesser degree SI and Ionia. Since SI has always struggled to keep him alive, it's just match up dependant which just leaves Ionia, which kinda struggles to level him up. Especially so if you fill your deck with stuff to keep him alive, then you wind up in a Kalista situation where it's a bit counterintuitive to the game plan. Despite her level up, stats, and region making it far easier, it's generally going to be hard to keep him alive while killing allies. I can think of Zed with Ephemerals along with maybe Kinkou Wayfinder would be okay. There's some good 1 drops you miss out on if you only have Lucian in the deck though. It's just very weak to removal, again, unless you over fill your deck with defensive options which can create awful hands filled with nothing but buffs and deny's.

  6. LOVE the Jax/Fish Fight changes. Actually thoughtful nothing to get mad about, will just be good for people who want to play him.
    Ryze shard buff is bad but I already want him deleted. NO ONE wants him to be good.

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