REMASTERED IN HD! Sehen Sie sich das offizielle Musikvideo zu „White America“ an, aufgeführt von Eminem Playlist Best of Eminem: Abonnieren Sie für mehr: (C) 2002 Aftermath Records #Eminem #WhiteAmerica #Remastered

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50 Gedanken zu „Eminem – White America (offizielles Musikvideo)“
  1. this song is very deep it is Eminem telling everyone thru rapping about the corrupt America, especially under Geore Bush's regime. This song is cool the way it sounds but the messages in this rap is about racism, corruption, music, how broken America is (was).

  2. You're going to see the real cold vengeance and rise of white America in a few years after they get fully fed up with the systemic white racism… can't wait
    I'll be the first one out there POP POP POP POPPOP POP POP!!

  3. Beautiful. His rise was against hypocrisy by parents who weren’t saints. They neglect their children who end up misbehaving. Once Em gives them an articulate reason for their anger the parents blame Em and Marilyn Manson

  4. It fuckin sucks he never had his dad around. I don't got my dad around because he's in prison. It's just crazy asf that he never knew where his dad was. But he never went too far from Detroit. He lived 20-30min from where I'm from. Fort Wayne, IN is where he lived. Fucking crazyyy

  5. Those blacks are like 10 different groups few controls jewish at in sefte, others jehovan or orthodoxy same humans who helping written laws of democracy kings with. Think ways who's it surely not wasn't who the laws?? Pastors

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