Einige EPISCHE Wiederholungen in diesem! Hör zu! Von Abonnenten eingereichte Wiederholungen werden gecastet und an [email protected] mit dem Betreff Brood War!

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24 Gedanken zu „EPIC – StarCraft: Remastered – Falcon überträgt IHRE WIEDERHOLUNGEN!“
  1. In the beginning, 190 was trash talking to Goodstudent if he/she knew how to play Zerg

    After the 1st reaver drop, he asked ㅎㅎ (remember i told you this was gg in the Korean keyboard?)

    Then GS replied ㅋ = ha

  2. Mass reavers is ironically, less effective than small numbers of reavers. The reason is simple, overkill. At one point like 6 scarabs were launched to kill one hydra. And scarabs cost money, and take time to make. You're better off just micro'ing two drop ships with two reavers each, than macroing a dozen. After the first reaver drop, he should have altered his strategy and went for carrier.

  3. Fastest map is rigged heavily for toss, against any other race you just cannon and zlot them. And by the time they terran or zerg have anything they can effectively counter cannon rush and zlot/goon. Then toss has either won or massed reaver.

  4. Ok you win @FalconPaladin. They are known as 'races' in Starcraft. However you have to understand, being raised by science professors and having a masters in medieval archaeology and studying archaeology while teaching myself; words like 'race' and 'species' actually mean a lot to me…Be that as it may, keep up the Epic Broodwar casting. It's great! P.S. Starcraft 2 sucks unfortunately…

  5. In the first game, the protoss probably lost because of macro mistakes. At 20:37, protoss supply dropped by 50 within a second. This is likely because of the lurkers drop at protoss base, killing stacked probes. The protoss didn't remake the 50 probes lost… so it's a macro mistake by the protoss. The reavers are still extremely efficient in the trades.

  6. I do really like the carbot just saying.
    And also I always get a kick when u r surprised that people go scouts on fastest map ever. Scouts r actually really good in high money games, cause the only reason they r bad is they r overpriced, but in fastest map they are a viable choice cause resources are never ending.

  7. 23:41 was a blunder and very careless move. Why would anyone put their scouts way out to be destroyed by hydralisks and spore colonies? That's flat out dumb. Yes scouts are great but not by themselves. You have to pair them with a Corsair or Carrier combo. Corsairs are great against defense buildings like spore colonies and sunken colonies and carriers are great against all ground units.

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