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18 Gedanken zu „StarCraft: Remastered – CARBOT – Falcon überträgt IHRE WIEDERHOLUNGEN!“
  1. Thanks for cast and match! It was a delay between live and actually reality, so I logged of and in twice:) and that map was strange : I made three assimilators but probes gathered gas only from one, when clicking to others they just stood!!! When I noticed that everybody is hydra and dragoon I started mass zealot and finally one gas started making smth but game ended. Weird stuff with gas… I was hanexx

  2. ITS HUNTERS!!! Not bgh. Big Game Hunters is called BIG GAME because it has 50k minerals. But Hunters is the real map. With normal minerals. Hunters is a official "Mod", not a real starcraft map if you get my drift. Hunters is 200000000% more fun than bgh. Because games are exciting and no long drawn out borefest of bunkering terrans….

  3. Stu can piss off and go watch any non-carbot video you have. I literally can only watch the Carbot for remastered, at least the slow ass gameplay and flawed-ass pathing looks cute

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